Fly Dubai flight missed an approach at TIA due to excessive tail wind

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Fly Dubai flight missed an approach at TIA due to excessive tail wind

May 17,2017-KATHMANDU

Fly Dubai Boeing 737-8KN with registration ‘A6-FDL’ had to overshoot the runway at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), Nepal at around 2: 45 PM.

According to the TIA Spokesperson Mr. Prem Nath Thakur, the airport encountered high tail wind around 8 knots which forced the aircraft to initiate a go-around at TIA and land on runway 02.

Fly Dubai Boeing 737-8KN en-route

The Boeing 737 was en-route to Tribhuvan International Airport from Dubai International Airport which jaunt the runway 02 during landing at TIA. The VNKT METAR at current phase was noted to be (VNKT 170820Z 26010G20 6000 TS FEW020 FEW025CB SCT030 BKN100 21/15 Q1011 TEM).

Currently the airport has a single 10,007 feet (3,050 m) concrete runway orientated 02/20. The runway 02 has precision approach indicators such as PAPI Lights and approach light but the runway 20 is facilitated with only PAPI lights.

The sole international airport of Nepal is not equipped with Instruments Landing System (ILS) however; it features VOR/DME. Nowadays, the airspace of Kathmandu valley is encountering huge air traffic problem.

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