1 year, since the pioneer of Nepal Aviation Ang Tshering Sherpa passed away

Kathmandu, ANN

Yeti Airlines commemorated the one year death anniversary of the ex-Managing Director of Yeti Airlines, Late. Ang Tshering Sherpa yesterday. He had died in a tragic helicopter crash at Pathivara exactly a year ago. Along with him, other important people of Nepal had died in that accident including the ex- Tourism Minister Late Rabindra Adhikari. A blood donation program was organized inside the premises of Yeti Airlines to remember the souls of departed.

Air Dynasty Helicopter registered ‘9N-AMI’ flying to Taplejung for inspection of the possibility of construction of airport in Chuhandada, Terathum under the command of Capt. Pravakar K.C. carrying Honorable Minister Rabindra Adhikari, Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) and 6 other passengers including Late. Ang Tshering Sherpa on board had crashed shortly after takeoff that day.

The Investigation probe formed at February 27 last year has recently submitted its report to MoCTA. The report conclude that the pilot, who was possibly affected with euphoria (initial phase of hypoxia) immediately after takeoff from the Pathibhara helipad in unfavorable weather encountered strong gusting wind along with snowfall which led him to inadvertently enter into Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC), lost his situational awareness and positive control of helicopter that ultimately led to the accident.

The report also claims that the pilot might had limited visibility due to the foggy windscreens while carrying a full load and 2 passengers in the front row on his left side. The aircraft weight and fuel calculations were also made in hurry for that ill-fated flight.

This tragic crash still haunts the memory of Nepali citizens after a year. And this is one of the most terrific incidents which took away the lives of aviation experts in the country. The loss was immense and can hardly be ever fulfilled.

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