10 Best travel blankets for your seamless and convenient journey

Traveling and outdoor trips have been a common trend today but getting comfortable while traveling is a real challenge.

As we aren’t fortune-tellers, we never know if the aircraft we are flying on gets drafty or we might get ourselves seated up in a window seat against the cold wall. Days of lugging bulky blankets are gone. So, to make things much easier, travel blankets are required to keep you comfortable on the go. The best travel blankets incorporate tons of neat features, which are packable, machine-washable, warm, and cozy.

 P.S. you won’t look like you are on the way for an adult sleepover. Travel blankets provide warmth preventing people from being exposed to cold weather conditions. Varieties of travel blankets, from package fleece blankets to super-cozy micro plush, are available to provide all the comfort and warmth you need. Here are the ten best travel blankets we recommend you buying.

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1. Cocoon CoolMax Blanket

One of the best travel blankets with lightweight and ultra-compact features is Cocoon CoolMax Blanket. This ideal companion measures 55″x70″ made up of 100% Polyester Fabric, and its special midweight CoolMax knit wicks away moisture and provides you warmth and easy breath. Though warm, this blanket is soft and dries extremely fast. You can choose a variety of solid colors for this machine-wash-friendly, welcoming blanket. It measures 70 inches long, yet it is easily foldable and can fit inside your carry-on baggage. Cocoon CoolMax Blanket is suitable for all seasons and feels great on your skin.

2. World’s Best Cozy-Soft Microfleece Travel Blanket

As the name suggests, this travel blanket is a combination of comfortable function and fashion at a bargain price, made up of 100% polyester fleece knit. The reason this blanket lists as the best travel blanket is its ease of keeping it clean and durable. This 50×60-inch blanket weighs only 14.2 ounces and is small enough for travel but just the right size to wrap you in warmth and coziness. It comes in a host of colors options, including charcoal, real tree, polka dots, aqua-blue zig-zags, etc. You can stow it away in your handbag and enjoy a relaxing time on a flight. Its sturdy design, cozy fleece hypoallergenic make it a smart choice for traveling. The added bonus for choosing World’s Best Cozy-Soft Microfleece Travel Blanket is its cost-effectiveness.

3. Matador Pocket Blanket

Another best travel blanket to pursue packing outdoor is Matador Pocket Blanket. It does a great job of blocking airplane air off your legs and performs expertly in all weather conditions. Its easy foldup stitch pattern, nylon materials, and authentic, waterproof features, and integrated stakes bring outdoor expertise to the pursuit of travel. This travel blanket is preferable for camping and hiking and has built-in corner pockets, attached ground stakes for windy conditions. Sit anywhere, anytime, with Matador Pocket Blanket.

4. Wandr Fleece Travel Blanket

Wandr Fleece Travel Blanket is a soft and cozy lightweight blanket that fits in your backpack or luggage, weighing 400 grams. Even in the lowest Air Condition temperatures, the blanket will keep you warm with its fleece fabric that is equally soft, highly breathable, and machine-wash friendly. If you are headed for camping, hiking, or picnics, the sleek and compact drawstring pouch of this travel blanket protects it from dust and water. Its compact feature won’t compromise on blanket size. It is comfortable and long enough to cover an average man from head to toe.

5. BlueHills Premium Soft Travel Blanket

The impeccable travel blanket for airplane trips, BlueHills Premium Soft Travel Blanket, comes with a soft Micro plush, minuscule carrying case allowing it to be easily attached to hand luggage. Measuring 60″ x43″, it can be easily stored without filling up significant space. The outer case functions as a super, soft, and warm pillow that utilizes a patent-pending design to warm you up while traveling on an airplane. Its product case makes it versatile as it can also be used as a throw blanket. The case also includes a hand luggage belt so it can be taken portably with luggage anywhere, attaching to a suitcase handle.

6. Pure Cashmere Travel Blanket

Pure Cashmere Travel Blanket is the best companion on all your trips, travels, and adventure, whether you are spending some time in the woods or traveling on a transoceanic flight, or trekking through the Himalayas. The finest, pure cashmere from Mongolia ensures first-class comfort and extreme softness to touch. The luxury travel blanket is multi-functional as it can be used as a blanket, wrap, or even a scarf to keep you cozy and warm. It is a generously sized woven blanket that gets better with each time it is used. Cashmere comes from an undercoat of Cashmere goat that is unbelievably soft, stretchy, and less susceptible to holes. 100% Pure Cashmere travel blanket comes with a protective cashmere pouch, compact size to fit in your carry on and the highest degree of softness. Don’t call it highly expensive, rather a smart investment.

7. Pavilia Fleece Travel Blanket

If you are looking for a silky-soft microfleece blanket to take on your next adventure, Pavilia Fleece Travel Blanket is all set to enwrap you in warmth and comfort on long chilly flights. Acting both as a blanket or pillow, Pavilia blanket is made up of high-quality 260GSM microfiber fleece polyester, making it silky-soft and plush to the touch with quality craftsmanship. The dual-zippers can be unzipped on each side to be used simultaneously as a pillow and hand warmer. This travel blanket has a detachable buckle strap to secure the blanket to your suitcase, eliminating the need for extraneous carabineers or clips. Its 4-in-1 (Blanket, pillow, lumbar support, and easy carry) features to prepare you for emergencies and sudden temperature changes. You can even stuff it with clothing and soft materials while going for weekend outings and camping trips.

8. ZeroGrid Premium Lightweight Wearable Super Soft Travel Blanket

Are you looking for a cozy blanket on the go that has superior quality and unmatched versatility? If yes, then ZeroGrid Travel Blanket is the best choice for you. It is packable with a built-in zippered pack that quickly stuffs away to carry-on luggage. Composed of soft and plush material, you can snuggle with a blanket all day, as it is the perfect blanket for all seasons. It provides full-body warmth as its built-in snaps connect around the neck and shoulders, plus an insulated leg and foot pocket to retain heat and give you complete peace of mind.

9. BeWell Packable Travel Blanket

Most air travelers often struggle to be in-between freezing and sweating on the airplane. BeWell Packable Travel Blanket is one of the best travel blankets you won’t mind packing in your carry-on for your next trip as it has been made with customer needs on the mind and delivers exactly the same. Offering the right balance between warmth and comfort, BeWell Travel Blanket is constructed of 100% Polyester materials that are hypoallergenic, responsibly sourced, sustainably harvested, and combined breathable fabric with Humidity Management Tech to wick away the moisture and resist stain. For those enjoying the serenity of nature and outdoor adventure, BeWell Travel Blanket gets you covered with its package travel size, drawstring stuff sack, mesh fabric, handy strap, and cord lock string for easy one-hand adjustments. Whether you are an explorer, adventurer, or traveler, make your journey comfortable and practicable with Litume gear-BeWell Travel Blanket when traveling by car, airplane, or train.

10. 4 in 1 Travel Blanket

4 in 1 Travel Blanket is a product of the ‘Let’s innovate life’ brand designed to be compact, comfortable, and warm for avid travelers to enjoy their travel adventures. The blanket acts as a pillow, warm blanket, document holder, or even as extra lumbar support, transforming into its own carrying case seamlessly. As a bonus, this travel blanket includes a blow-up air travel pillow that won’t take up additional space. It possesses a sturdy carry strap to clip onto a backpack, multiple pockets on the front and back of the blanket to help organize traveling essentials. It’s a single blanket performing multiple jobs in a single unit with no carrying case and no separate pouches.

Considerations while purchasing a travel blanket

How to know if the travel blanket you have purchased is the best in the market? Following are the considerations while buying a travel blanket:

  • Materials used

Travel blankets vary according to the materials used in making them. It is important to consider materials used because it determines the level of comfort. Polyester is the most common fabric sometimes blended with nylon, offering durability and lightweight, followed by fleece and down.

  • Machine washable

Machine-friendly travel blankets will ensure proper cleaning, maintain self-hygiene, and in turn, longer life for you and the blanket.

  • Durability

Look for a blanket that has a strengthened stress point, tight stitching, and is stronger than a traditional stitched blanket.

  • Size

Too large travel blankets won’t be easy enough to be carried along wherever you go and compact for regular travel. But it should be long enough to provide excellent coverage to retain heat to keep you warm.

Make sure you have the best travel experience beyond the edge of the wild with the best travel blankets offering you an easy, comforting layer of warmth, much-needed privacy, and a bit of home feeling.

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