10 Things To See and To Do In Singapore

Singapore is undoubtedly the great metropolis of Southeast Asia. In it tradition and modernity merge creating a mix that, leaves no one indifferent. Do you want to know what are the best things to see and do in Singapore? In this post we give you 10 options.

1.  Little India

Little India is one of our favorite neighborhoods in Singapore: walking through its streets has always transported us, if only for a moment, to our great journey through the craziest subcontinent of all. Lassi, chai, samosa, pakora, dhal, roti, malai kofta, gulab jamun… Here you can find everything to make your stomach happy, and for your soul you will only have to stroll among the stalls amongst the broad smiles of the local vendors.

2.  Chinatown

Chinatown is another must-see neighborhood in Singapore. Here you will find temples (the Buddha’s tooth relic is beautiful), typical Perankan houses, charming alleys full of lamps and Chinese lanterns. However, street food is probably a key jewel of Chinatown: noodles, rice, fish, chicken, ducks …. It is practically impossible to visit Chinatown and stay hungry.

Super tip: did you know that in Singapore you can eat in one of the cheapest restaurants with a Michelin Star in the world? We are talking about Liao Fan Hawker Chan, where you must try the rice dish with chicken and soy sauce (it costs less than 4$). We strongly advise you to pay this place a visit while you are in Chinatown.

3.  Gardens by the Bay, unarguably one of most beautiful places to visit in Singapore

Many know the skyline of Singapore but almost all are unaware that in the city there are numerous parks and gardens where you can take a break and enjoy nature. Our favorites are the Botanical Gardens, with lots of colorful and rare flowers and, of course, the Gardens by the Bay, just type “Gardens by the Bay” in your maps, where you can come across the curious and enigmatic “trees” that, at nightfall, are illuminated creating a surreal atmosphere.

Some say that visiting Gardens by the Bay is like going to the world of “Avatar” , a child of the famous James Cammeron. To visit Singapore and not to visit Gardens by the Bay, without a doubt, would be one of the greatest mistakes any traveler could make.  .

4.  ArtScience Museum in Singapore

It is one of those rare museums where understanding the art prevails over the feeling of the art, and by the way one other thing that makes it so rare is that you will have to interact with the works of art… So don’t expect a traditional museum: here you will be part of the luminous canvases and you will be able to immerse yourself among screens, digital art.  So prepare yourself for tons of inspirational ideas for your instagram feed at the very least. It is one of the most visited places in Singapore, which many major cities around the world have used as an example for their own similar projects… but the truth is. It’s really cool and awesome.

5.  Enjoy a free concert at the Esplanade

Singapore is not the cheapest city in Asia, this is true, although it is also true that it offers many free attractions… such as concerts or art exhibitions. The best place to enjoy music and live shows is the Esplanade building (the one shaped like a Durian!).

6.  Sentosa Island, a city within the city

Sentosa is undoubtedly one of the great attractions of Singapore: here you will not only find beaches and palm trees but you can also enjoy visits to amusement parks like Universal Studio branch in Singapore. It is yet another great attraction of Singapore and undoubtedly can be one of the best destinations for a day trip within the city. And even more so if you are traveling with children: spending a few hours here is an adventure.

You can easily reach it by subway, just look for the Harbourfront Station station.

7.  Take a selfie with Merlion, a must-see tourist attraction in Singapore.

One of the symbols of the city is Merlion, the protector of Singapore, a white statue with the body of a fish and the head of a lion… yes, to many it looks weird, but still worth visiting. Despite that it makes you think about the nature of all people 😉 and what is clear is that you can not leave Singapore without taking a souvenir photo with him.

It is also located in the financial district. Just circle the stairs leading to it, you will enjoy one of the best views of the city. Really, do not miss it. In fact our advice is to go both day and night … later we will tell you why.

8.  Financial Zone

The skyline of Singapore is one of the biggest attractions of the city, either from the top of the Marina Bay Sands viewpoint or from the streets lining its skyscrapers. We recommend strolling through the financial district both day and night, as the atmosphere changes completely.

Now do you understand why Singapore is known as the New York of Asia?

9.  Marina Bay Sands Sound and Light Show

Every night at 20.00-21.30 from the Marina Bay Sands hotel, lights are projected from the Marina Bay Sands hotel that paint the sky of Singapore to the sound of music. The show is free and beautiful, it is definitely worth it! However, keep in mind that it is one of the best things to see and do in Singapore so you will not be alone… if you want to get a good spot, better arrive early.

Where to see it from? From the side of Merlion… so you know why you have to come back at night.

Is it worth staying at the Marina Bay Sands?

Considering that sleeping one night at the Marina Bay Sands costs around 300-500€ the answer can only be one: it depends on your budget. We, to be honest, would not spend that kind of money, but it is true that swimming in the Marina Bay Sands pool, which you can only do if you stay there, has to be a top experience. But come on, I don’t pay that kind of money :-p

A cheaper alternative to enjoy the views is to go up to Karta.com and book a hotel room with the view on Marina Bay. Karta has a lot of options for affordable bookings in Singapore.

10.              Little Arabia, another neighborhood to see in Singapore

The Arab quarter of Singapore, Little Arabia, is often a surprise for visitors. The snapshot that leaves you of the Sultan’s Grand Mosque with its golden dome is one of those that are not forgotten and, for us, this small neighborhood is one of the most charming in the city. It also has a wide range of restaurants and cafes, so it is ideal to approach at lunchtime.

Come on, for us it is another must-see in Singapore.

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