11 Essay Topics Everyone Is Tired of

The best-written pieces have a compelling hook in the introduction and grab the audience’s full attention. However, it is impossible to do if you keep writing on cliché topics. 

Don’t choose a topic based on what other people are doing. It’s essential to carry out adequate research. Find out what your audience would like to hear. The truth is that your readers have high expectations. 

If they are not captivated initially, you lose them, and it’s impossible to gain their attention back. So, if the story is neither new nor interesting, your content is boring, too! If your creativity fails, get an essay helper to get the job done. A professional writing service has enough research skills to know what’s hot and what’s not. 

So, since getting the best topic is no walk in the park, here is a list of 11 subjects to avoid. Steer clear of these to ensure you’re on the right track.

Sports Writing 

Inarguably, most college students love sports. However, there’s barely anything under the sun that people don’t know about sports. Worse still, some people have zero interest in hearing about sports-related issues. 

The essay will either be about your favorite sport or how a sport changed your life. Such narratives have no emotional or psychological impact on the audience. 

Narratives About Role Models 

It is tempting to dive right in and start writing about the person who inspires you most. However, the audience is entitled to their own opinion and might not hold the person you’re speaking about in high regard. 

Moreover, most learners choose popular political or social figures to write about. Unfortunately, outlining the best features of someone you’re probably never met becomes a stretch. It looks like you just searched the internet and scribbled down a summary. 

Dealing With Tragedy Stories 

Speaking out about tragedies in your life can be powerful. However, it should never make it in a college essay. Tragedies differ in magnitude. Moreover, writing about something that makes you sound pretentious might not sit well with the professor.

Also, tragedy-based pieces sound like you’re looking for sympathy. Even if it is unintentional, this topic is overdone. 

The Philosophical Rant

As time progresses, more and more people focus more on being ‘deep.’ However, going on a philosophical rant makes you look self-absorbed. 

If you’re writing a college admission piece, the last thing you want to sound like is arrogant and self-important. 

The “I Learned So Much From Them” Piece 

College students have to stop speaking about their visits to remote areas where they learned a lot from locals. The intention might be pure, but the essay comes off as condescending. 

In addition, the story makes you look privileged. Above all, such subjects are good as blogging material but won’t look or sound good in a college essay. The solution is to hire an essay writing service. Read the paper writer review by Essay-reviews to see what other people have to say about Paper Writer. They might just be the best fit for your college admission essay. 

The Immigrant Story 

Granted, the immigrant story is one of resilience and beating the odds to make it in a foreign country. However, the story has been told repeatedly. 

More than half of the written topics in college talk about a family moving to the United States and trying to adjust. Indeed, the stories are worth talking about, but writing an immigrant piece places you in a pool of thousands of other students. 

The Pure Dialogue 

Some students write more than 500 words describing a conversation they had with someone else. For example, if you spend the first 450 words on a dialogue with a friend, the whole conversation becomes a big fluff and boring to keep up with. 

Don’t write anything like this:

I left the room, and she followed while shouting, “where are you going?”

Probably there is a story here worth telling. The issue is in the way you tell it. 

Metaphorical Essays 

It’s typical to use an object and go the metaphorical route. However, composing an outstanding extended metaphor piece is not easy. You might think that yours will be exceptional, but it’s better to look for other topics instead of testing the waters. 

Thinking that you are unique and comparing your life to a tree in the yard will disqualify you amid other students with better writing. 

Essays About Failure Where You Didn’t Actually Fail 

The best and most successful individuals in society experienced pitfalls at some point. We’re not here to belittle that. However, those were genuine pitfalls that acted as teachable moments.

If you’re writing about how you met an obstacle you got through, you look shallow. Instead, your audience should be dismayed after hearing a story of failure. If you cannot offer them that, choose another topic to avoid sounding bland. 

 Confession Essays 

When writing a college admission essay, you want to come up with a piece that portrays you in the best light. However, as important as it is to be truthful in writing, that does not mean disclosing unnecessary information to the audience.

Confession essays are a bore and a terrible choice for any kind of college essay. After all, the audience comprises different individuals. So, your confessions might be the reason behind your lack of admission to your favorite college. 

Examples of confession stories include:

  • How you stole something and got away with it at a young age 
  • Talking about drug use 
  • Expressing unpopular political and religious opinions 

 All Purpose Pieces 

Some students choose to play it safe by writing about nothing and everything simultaneously. Ultimately, this makes you look unprepared and unwilling to put in work. 

When choosing a topic, be specific. For example, if you’re writing about choosing a career path, stick to the topic and write a compelling piece about career choices. Put a little personal touch to it by giving a bit of your story (but keep it minimal). 


Selecting a topic to write about in college will give you a migraine if you don’t know how to do proper research. If it’s too much for you, get essay writing help. However, the topics above are a no go zone unless you want to be boring and typical!

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