13 things you never knew about a Boeing 747

13 things you never knew about a Boeing 747

The Boeing 747 was introduced in 1970’s with Pan American Airlines. These giants are also called as “The Queen of The Skies”. Though the craft was introduced in 70’s still some airliners holds its route thanks to KLM, United, British and Lufthansa.

These are the facts that you probably don’t know

  • They have flown more than 3.5 billon people
  • The 350 people carrying 747 once carried 1,087 people at once
  • IT takes 90 gallons of paint to paint a Boeing 747
  • There are 14 stairs to the upper deck
  • Boeing has modified around 15 of their B747’s for special proposes.
  • The upper deck alone has the same square footage as the 737
  • The write brothers could have fit their historic landing inside a 747.
  • The landing gear tires are fitted with nitrogen
  • It was originally designed to be converted into a cargo plane
  • It would take Usian Bolt seven seconds to run from tip to tail
  • There are 365 switches in the incredibly confusing cockpit.
  • Engine noise of the current b 747 is about half that of the original Pratt &Whitney engines.
  • The engine fan diameter is almost as girthy as a b-29 bomber.

Photo By: Rohan

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