Airport security challenged as a homeless man steals from Paris Airport.

CCTV captured homeless man stealing the cash around $353,000 on Friday from an unlocked room in Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport.

CCTV footages prove a man, around 50years old, looking through garbage cans near Loomis office seemed surprised when he leaned against the door.

The recorded footage shows the man carrying a suitcase and going into the office and walking out with two bags full of banks notes around Euro 300,000 after a few minutes, leaving his suitcase behind in the office, stated the spokesperson.

The room in Terminal 2F of the airport was an unlocked and the money was stolen around 5:30 pm local time. The door of the offices at terminal 2F is normally locked tight in order to protect the large amounts of cash stored there and needs a security code to be opened, but last Friday it was apparently left unlocked.

The man was easy to recognize as local police who know the suspect as one of up to 100 rough sleepers in the airport area but currently there is no trace of the thief and the investigation is going on.

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