2 new Bell 505 helicopters joining Fishtail Air’s fleet soon

2 new Bell 505 helicopters joining Fishtail Air’s fleet 

October 7, 2016 – Kathmandu

Fishtail Air makes MOU agreement with Bell Helicopters on behalf of Simrik Helitrade for bringing two new Bell 505 series helicopter as their fleet expansion plan. The first Bell helicopter for Fishtail Air will arrive in Nepal for the service within a month by the end of October and the next Bell helicopter will arrive within a couple of months from the arrival of first helicopter.

The country representative for Bell Helicopters Mr. Shree Ram Ghat Pandey in presence of Chairman of Fishtail Air Mr. Bikash Rana, CEO Suman Pandey and Simrik Air’s General Manager Mr. D.B Woli undersigned the agreement in Soaltee Crownee Plaza today.

Fishtail Air - Aviation Nepal
MOU agreement signing ceremony

The welcome speech of the ceremony was delivered by Mr. D.B Woli and the agreement was signed in presence of Mr. Pandey, Bikash Rana, Capt. Siddhartha Jung Gurung, Mr. Rajendra Babu Singh. At the endind Mr. Bikash Rana informed that Fishtail Air was the first operator in Nepal to introduce Bell helicopter in Nepal and it will be probably the first operator to debut Bell 505 helicopter in Nepal. FishtailAir is currently operating another Bell helicopter of 407 series.

The 505 series aircraft is brand new and will be launched in market of Canada next.

Fishtail Air - Aviation Nepal
MOU agreement signing ceremony

The Bell aircraft incoming are brad new and will make exclusive debut in Nepali aviation industry for the first time in Nepal. The aircraft are 5 seater, brand new and equipped with latest technology. General Manager of Simrik Air Mr. Woli informed that Bell 505 series helicopter is the perfect choice for the aviation market of Nepal. Its useful payload is 680 kilograms and has endurance of 3.5 hours with a service ceiling of 20,000 feet in pressurized condition.

The aircraft is also good in a context that it is less in unit cost in comparison to Bell 407 helicopter and Airbus B2, Airbus B3 helicopters currently flying in Nepal according to him. The unit cost of each Bell 505 helicopter will be around 1.2 Million USD. The aircraft will be equipped with Turbomech Arrius 2R engine.

The Bell 505 helicopters are well known to be cost effective, safe and reliable. The aircraft for Fishtail Air will also be equipped with Garmin 1000s cockpit instruments and 10.4 inches LCD display.

Simrik Helitrade is official distributer of Bell Helicopters in Nepal. It is the authorized agent for spare supplies and introduction of new Bell Helicopters in Nepal.

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