20 best neck pillow for airplane travel

Generally, airplanes and other forms of transportations offer tight-fitting seats that can be really uncomfortable considering long-haul trips. Mixed with additional obstacles from noise neighbors to space invades and less legroom, the lack of resting can negatively affect the traveling spirit.

So, in order to make sure you get a comfortable, refreshing power rest up on-air, we have prepared a list of the 20 best neck pillow for airplane travel.

1.  Memory Foam Neck Pillow 

best neck pillow for airplane travel

The memory foam pillows are the top choice in the neck pillow for the airplane travel category. The foamy soft pillow helps travelers just lay back and relax their spine in the best position supporting the natural curve of the cervical spine. The memory foam pillow holds the head at a healthy angle but at the same time soft enough to alleviate the pressure points. Offering the best balance of support and pressure relief, the memory foam pillows are inexpensive in nature and come with the feature of a self-adjustable thickness according to the traveler’s preference. 

2. Trtl Pillow

best neck pillow for airplane travel

For travelers who don’t find the U-shaped foam pillows comfortable enough for airplane travel, then the scientifically proven super soft neck support pillow trtl might be the right deal. The trtl pillows keep the head of travelers in a better position when sleeping upright in an ergonomic position. The combination of super-soft fleece with unique hidden support and cozy cushioning creates the perfect resting position for the head and neck of travelers. The pillows can hold the head and neck of the passengers in any position, the lightweight pillow can easily fit in the travel bag and is machine washable. 

3. Trtl Plus Pillow

best neck pillow for airplane travel

Following the legacy of the Trtl pillows, the trtl plus pillows offer super-soft micro-fleece with the added feature like mesh panel running along the center that contains the overheating. The trtl plus pillows support internal support ‘V’ and have two auto-locking toggles that can be twisted towards the right to expand or towards the left to shorten. The trtl plus pillows come with 80 possible configurations that can be adjusted according to the need of the travelers. Also, the pillows are machine washable for convenience. The price may be slightly higher than its predecessor, but the comfort and control over the configuration certainly will be money well spent. 

4. Huzi-Design Infinity Pillow

best neck pillow for airplane travel
Huzi-design is one of the best neck pillow for airplane travel

The pillow that literally comes in the infinity shape is the perfect soft neck scarf that serves as the best neck pillow for airplane travel. The super-soft bamboo fabric is designed for all resting positions with full adjustability 360° support.  It doesn’t matter whether the travelers are in the window seat or middle seat. The multi-configurable infinity pillow helps to find the perfect sleeping position anywhere. The Huzi-design infinity pillow comes with the features of the lumbar pillows, chin support pillows, desk pillows, and noise supporting pillow so that travelers can get all the features of different pillows at the cost of one.

5. AirComfy Ease Pillow

best neck pillow for airplane travel

The AirComfy ease inflatable travel pillows keep the travelers head upright, preventing cervical and lower back pain with its neck and lumbar support. The inflatable pillow’s low-profile support features let the travelers have a relaxing rest on the go. One of the best features of the AirComfy inflatable pillow is that its luxurious interior foam gives travelers a non-bouncy support trait that is missing from some inflatable pillows. The elastic band of the pillow holds it firm, so the comfort is the same even when the travelers move around,. The personal preference-inflate can be used depending on the travelers’ convenience, making it a perfect companion for airplane travel.

6. Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow 

best neck pillow for airplane travel

The product, revolutionizing the neck pillow for the airplane travel segment, doesn’t just support the neck for a comfortable rest whereas; it provides full lateral support for the upper body making it easier to relax, fall asleep and rest for longer. The travelerst pillows offer proper head, neck, and cervical support, keeping the head from falling forward, one of the best neck pillow options for travelers suffering from chronic pain. The pillow inflates easily and deflates instantly, and can be stored neatly, minimizing the use of the luggage space. Travelrest with the Ergonomic patented designs is machine washable and is suitable for adults and kids above eight years.

7. Saireider Travel Pillow

The 100% memory foam neck pillow for airplane travel prevents the traveler’s head from falling forward. Equipped with a sleep mask and earplugs, the saireider pillows may be perfect for people who struggle to fall asleep in crowded spaces. The 3-second shape restore technology introduced in the pillow lets travelers find the perfect comfortable shape. The foam used in this travel pillow is certified by the authoritative international SGS  making it one of the high-quality products with a 0% chemical smell. The ergonomic design of the saireider offers 360°support. Its contoured-shaped design at the side avoids the discomfort of squeezing feeling for ears leaving the proper space for the headphones.

8. Teton Travel Pillow

The extra soft rectangular shaped pillow resembles the normal shape of the pillows in household use. Although the size of the pillow may be significantly smaller than the normal pillows, the Teton travel pillows provide the perfect support when it’s time just to lay back and relax. With the designs to be taken anywhere from camping, backpacking to road tripping, the pillow lofts up on its own without the need of inflating. The comforting Teton pillow comes with a traditional heavy and lofty trademark. The pillow and its pillowcase are also washable easily; they can be washed separately or together without hampering the products in any way.

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9. Gosleep Travel Pillow

The neck pillow for airplane travel, designed with 67% rayon, 28% nylon, and 5% spandex, prevents head bobbing and comes with light-blocking features for relaxed long naps. With a different framework than the traditional travel pillows, the Gosleep pillow also performs significantly better than the travel pillows that go around the neck. Travelers can just simply put the pillow behind the neck and mask over their eyes, then kick in for a refreshing rest in a perfectly comfortable cushion. The luxurious plush shredded memory foam pillow and mask, both made from premium fabric and foam, gives the comfort of flying in a first-class cabin.

10. Cabeau Evolution Cool Neck Support Pillow

The Cabeau evolution made with 100% memory foam is designed to help reduce fatigue and give a comfy relaxed sleep in-flights. The Cabeau evolution pillows are best for airplane travel and long road trips with its neck pain-reducing feature. The sports designs of the pillow with air cooling circulation vents and sweat-wicking keep the travelers cool and fresh no matter how far the air conditioning ventilation is located.

11. Ostrich Pillow Light 

Air travel may not always turn out to be what it has been expected; the bright lights and noisy neighbors can steal a much-needed relaxing nap. The multi-purpose pillow can be worn around the neck or as an eye cover providing the perfect resting opportunity. The versatile Ostrich pillow light can be used as a sleeping pillow, reading pillow, day pillow, commuting pillow, and lounging pillow, fitting in perfectly everywhere while making an airplane journey. The pillow’s unique design makes it easily portable without missing out on comforting ratings with its next-generation microbead fillings. 

12. Bcozzy Kids Chin Supporting Travel Pillow 

Designed for children from 3-7 years, the neck pillow for airplane travel stops the head of children from falling forward. The breathable soft fabric and adjustable pillow arm give the best chin, and head comfortably supports for the relaxing rested sleep for the kids. The curved design of the Bcozzy kid’s chin supporting travel pillow molds to the child’s neck with the perfect fit keeping the child’s head in perfect position. The durable soft, and fully washable pillows also have built-in snap straps making it easier to hang the travel pillow anywhere securely from backpacks to trolleys.

13. J-Pillow Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

The unique patent J-shaped design is the special trait of the J-Pillow chin supporting traveling pillow. The J-pillow design even won the BritishInvetion of the Year award in 2012/2013. The award-winning J-shape design of the pillow stops the heads from falling forward with its ingenious chin support feature while supporting the head of the travelers in a perfect position from the side. The pillow is very effective for uninterrupted sleep while traveling on long-haul flights. The machine-washable super soft pillow also folds down smaller than average U-shaped travel pillows making it easy to fit in luggage or travel bags without consuming much space.

14. Cloudz EZ-Inflate Cloud Sleeper Travel Pillow

Rated as one of the ‘Top Best Travel Pillows’ by Travel + Leisure in April 2019, the comfortable travel pillow lives up to its reputation. With the leak-proof valve system to maintain the desired comfort throughout the journey, the Cloud EZ sleeping pillows give the sensation of sleeping on the clouds. The travelers can relax on the natural forward with the help of the Cloudz pillows enjoying their favorite show or play games at the same time as the pillow offers to hold space within itself.  With its inflating and deflating features in a matter of seconds, the two-valve system allows travelers to adjust the top and bottom sections separately as per their comfort. 

15. Ostrich Pillow Go

The luxury travel pillow with memory foam is crafted with an elegant design and high-quality foam, providing comfortable neck rest during airplane or car travel. The Ostrich pillow go offers 360º natural ergonomic neck support making it an ideal modern neck pillow for airplane travel. The smart, innovative high-density memory foam designed specifically to provide superior comfort fits in the travel bags that are half its size. The velcro strap and the soft viscoelastic sleeves give the sensation of perfect fit to have a relaxed, comfortable rest throughout flights and drives or powernap almost anywhere.

16. Cervical Neck Traction Device

The 360° traction of the Cervical neck traction device helps different causes like chronic neck arthritis, cervical muscle spasms, and spine alignment. The U-shaped neck pillow is very easy to use and comfortable while wearing; the Cervical neck traction device doesn’t need any kind of assembly and is completely portable with acquitting much space during travels. The device increases the blood circulation in the body to structures of the cervical spines helping to oxygenate muscles, nerves, and tendons, decreasing the pain and increasing the relaxation sensation. The Cervical neck traction device comes with an eye mask, user manual, and even a video bonus for 5 Easy & Effective Exercise for neck pain relief.

17. Travelon Deluxe Wrap N’ Rest 

The Travelon deluxe, with a unique design of wrapping the traveler’s neck, has been an innovative approach for proving quality and comfortable resting in airplane travel. Made with polyester, the neck pillow cradles the neck of travelers to the head and chin for full support while sleeping in a sitting position providing a well-resting position. The neck pillow’s U-shape with interlocking features keeps the pillow intact on the neck preventing the head from falling forward without any chin drop or neck strain. The Travelon deluxe pillow can be configured into three comfort shapes, side support, full support, and reclining support with its soft and durable fabric quality. 

18. Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Unlike the most traditional neck pillow for airplane travel, the twistable memory foam travel pillows can be configured to almost any shape and position that makes travelers feel comfortable. The Twist memory foam pillow just doesn’t support the neck for a relaxing sensation, it is also well-adaptable for chin, lumbar, and leg support; the travelers just have to find their desired comfort zone, and the twist memory pillow works its magic. The pillow is best for side, stomach, and back sleepers providing varieties of adjustable features for a re-energizing nap. The Twist memory foam pillows with washable cotton are easy to clean, and the easy carry feature of the pillow makes it convenient to port with a carry-on or inside the luggage.

19. Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Pillow

The special feature of the Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Pillow is that it can be attached to any chair or seat to prevent slouching and falling forward. The neck pillow for airplane travel has been designed for perfect alignment between head and spine to create a pain-free comforting environment. Featured as ‘The Best Travel Pillow of 2021’ by CNN, the Cabeau pillow prevents head movement for a relaxed sleep and healthy stature while enjoying the entertainment kits on the flights. The hygienic removable cover and moisture-wicking fabric components promote the cooler resting environment, keeping the neck dry, and easily machine washable features.

20. Roll & GoAnywhere Pillow

Like the name suggest, the Roll & GoAnywhere Pillows can be literally rolled and packed in a small space fitting in from small compartments at baggage to the picnic baskets. The pillows designed with patented interlocking fills can be easily ported in flights or anywhere for comfortable seating and sleeping. With the size of 12” x 18”, the Roll & GoAnywhere pillow can be used on top of the hotel pillows to make it comfier, during flights and car rides for relaxing trips, and even while working as it provides lumbar support. 

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