3-year-old girl survives LET L-410 plane crash at Russia that kills 6

A short-range passenger plane LET L-410 crashed on approach to landing in far eastern Russia that took the life of six people whereas a 3-year-old girl luckily escaped her death.

The STOL (Short Takeoff and Landing) aircraft crashed while attempting to land at a small airport near the village of Nelkam on Wednesday. The aircraft, which belonged to regional carrier Khabarovsk Airlines, was on a regular flight to Nelkan from Khabarovsk, which is near a border with China.

Four passengers and two crew members died in the fatal crash. The girl who survived the crash received non-life threatening injuries including fractures and concussion.

Russian television stations showed images of the wrecked plane in a forest. Investigators were looking at adverse weather, a crew error or technical malfunctions as possible reasons behind the crash.

Let-410 is a twin-engine turboprop short range transport (mostly passenger transport) aircraft manufactured by the Czech aircraft manufacturer LET. More than 1,100 such planes have been produced in various modifications since the aircraft first entered service in 1971, and 862 of them were supplied to the Soviet Union.

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