45 countries propose to construct Nijgadh Airport; Nepal government to construct airport if no better alternative

Tourism Minister (MoCTCA) Rabindra Adhikari stated that around 45 countries have offered their interest to construct Nijgadh International Airport.

During interaction about Nijgadh International Airport’s current needs and justification along with infrastructure development at Nepal Engineering College, Minister Adhikari added that country cannot progress by delaying development of main infrastructures.

During the interaction, minister Adhikari indicated about offer by 45 countries for the construction of the airport and stated that while foreign countries are positive towards development of Nepal, we are slowing the work ourselves.

He added that, while the debate about construction modality of the airport is going on, the government will itself commence the work if there is no suitable alternative and said that the work will be started even if the government has not got any international donor.

Previously, 4 companies had applied to make Detailed Project report (DPR) of the airport among which 2 companies had shown interest towards preparing DPR.

Minister Adhikari said that discussion about making modality of the airport construction is going on various level and added that the work will be commenced by 3 months.

Pokhara Airport and Bhairahawa Airprot (GBIA) which are currently in construction phase will not be able to cope the importance of the Nijgadh Airport, hence the government is committed to construct the airport.

Various renowned personnel who were at the program insisted in construction of the airport soon in domestic investment.

Nepal had been in discussion with Qatar after they showed the desire to construct Nijgadh International Airport.

The meeting between Finance Ministry and Tourism Ministry held on August 29, 2018, has already decided to construct Nijgadh Airport in Government-Private partners’ model. It is estimated to cost around NRs. 100 billion for the construction of the airport.

The airport will be developed in three phases. The first phase, as per the detailed feasibility study (DFS) of the project, will be of 10 years; the second phase will be of 5 years, and the third or final phase will be of 25 years.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has been approved for Nijgadh airport. In 2071, the probability study was conducted for the first time. The compensation is being distributed for ground clearance.

The project envisions building a modern airport in Nijgadh in Bara district, 175 km from Kathmandu in the southern plains.

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