5 Domestic airports to be upgraded by CAAN

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) is planing to upgrade 5 domestic airports very soon.

CAAN has planned to upgrade Janakpur, Chandragadhi, Simikot, Dhangadhi and Bharatpur airport before 2020 so as to aid ‘Visit Nepal-2020’. Officials at CAAN stated that the airports runway will be upgraded as well as the other physical infrastructures.

The runway of the airports will be added with another layer of blacktop as the runway at those airports can have cracks due to flights landing and take-off. The flights during the course of time will be either diverted or cancelled so as to complete the work within the time.

The tender will be called shortly and the works will be carried out accordingly as stated by the officials. The airports runway will be added with 5-6 centimeter of asphalt above the existing runway.

CAAN has already called for tender to upgrade those airports and the work is expected to be commenced soon.

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