5 of 6 Chinese aircraft grounded, Nepal Airlines publishes vacancy for new pilots

Nepal Airlines has published vacancy for pilots to fly its 4 Chinese aircraft, Harbin Y-12E. Due to a significant shortage of pilots, causing a lot of operational trauma; the Chinese aircraft rests on ground. Because of this, Nepal Airlines is presently sustaining a heavy loss in the domestic operation.

To overcome this situation, Nepal Airlines is prepared to hire 8 Line Captains. A pilot having flying hours of 3000 hours in STOL category aircraft may apply on a contractual basis to fly for the Nepal Airlines. The pilot should have a minimum of 100 hours PIC in the similar type aircraft and last flight done not before than 6 months of the date of application.

The Chinese aircraft have always been headache to the organization as lack of pilots and maintenance manpower put the aircrafts on ground continuously. Nepal Airlines has not been able to expand flight services to any newer destination as it had planned to, before purchasing the aircrafts.

As the harmony between Nepal Airlines and Chinese Authorities got disturbed frequently because the maintenance of the aircraft had always been overlooked by the Chinese Authority, Nepal Airlines has stopped the payment of final installment to the Chinese company.

The shortage of pilots together with the maintenance lag has always put the aircraft behind flight. Together with hiring the Pilots, Nepal Airlines should also hire proper manpower for maintenance of the aircraft. And also harmonize the relationship with Chinese to get the aircraft back to line.

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