50th A220 joined the fleet of Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines received its 50th A220, marking a significant accomplishment for both the carrier and the manufacturers, Airbus. A group of Delta employees came to Mobile to accept their newest plane to commemorate the event. The deployment, on the other hand, demonstrates the airline’s dedication to the A220.

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Southwest Airlines looking for 737 max alternative as A220

Pic: Airbus

Whereas the epidemic caused a halt in deliveries from March to September of last year, operations swiftly resumed. Delta received 12 new A220s in October 2020 alone, along with the first, more prominent A220-300 type. In October, the airline was reportedly taking on a new jet every day for a week.

Since the outbreak began last year, Delta recently introduced 19 new A220s to its fleet. There are eight -300s and eleven -100s in all. This is a huge number, and it means Delta was Airbus’ second-largest client by 2020.

More Aircraft in line

Delta now has 45 additional aircraft, primarily online with Airbus, after 50 have been delivered. The A220-300 will account for almost all outstanding orders, with 41 more expected to enter the fleet. The A220 is becoming increasingly popular among Delta’s enormous fleet of over 800 aircraft for the time being.

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