56th DGCA Asia & Pacific conference to be held in Kathmandu

The 56th Conference of Directors General of Civil Aviation Asia and Pacific Regions (DGCA) is set to be held in Kathmandu from August 19 to 23 (Bhadra 2 to 6).

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has informed that the preparation for organizing the conference has been started.

Rajan Pokharel, Deputy Director General of CAAN stated that the conference will be attended by 46 nations and other 16 representatives of Asia Pacific region.

Previously also, 34th conference in 1998 and 14th conference in 1976 was held in Nepal. The conference will be held in the aim of discussing issues related to the aviation safety, formation of new strategy and finding an appropriate conclusion.

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) will send all the topic to be discussed in the conference. CAAN will be responsible for all the documentations of ICAO and welcoming the guests.

CAAN has given conference management responsibility to the event management company named ‘House of Rajkarnicar’.

The discussion on how to handle the responsibility of managing documents, in which parts the responsibility should be taken and concrete plans with CAAN has already been held on this Tuesday.

55th conference was held in Fiji last year whereas it has already been decided that 57th conference will be held in Bangladesh next year. ICAO has been organizing DGCA conference in different countries every year.

In the conference, a discussion regarding infrastructure of aviation sector, aviation safety and challengers will be discussed and the conclusion will be recorded in ICAO. About 400 foreign delegates are estimated to attend the conference.

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