7 Nepalese departed Hong Kong without visa on Nepal Airlines flight

The Hong Kong Immigration Office has sought confirmation from the Nepal Airlines corporation reporting that seven Nepalese non-visa passengers were brought to Hong Kong from Tribhuvan International Airport three separate times during the lockdown.

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Hong Kong suspended Nepal Airlines flights for two weeks

Immigration at Hong Kong International Airport has confirmed that it would make a fine of HK dollar  10,000  per passenger if it does not provide a sufficient response. According to the source, the preliminary inquiry found that the visa-free Nepalis were sent in collusion with the airport immigration office employees and the corporation’s Passenger Services Department. By August and September, the passengers had arrived in Hong Kong on airlines.

“The Hong Kong Immigration Office sent a letter of explanation to the corporation’s Hong Kong station with the passengers’ names and details, “The Hong Kong Immigration Office sent a letter of explanation to the corporation’s Hong Kong station with the names and details of the passengers. The company’s Hong Kong station ordered the government to give a letter from the government to passengers only after strictly observing the law.

Janak Raj Kalakheti, director-general of the Passenger Services Department at the airport, said that Dim Prasad Poudel, the company’s general manager, had ordered them to examine the matter and send a report. He said that an analysis was being undertaken, and soon the results will be delivered to the general manager.

According to another company official, three men and four women are leaving Nepal without a visa. The official said there are three men under 18 and four Nepali wives with Hong Kong IDs,” Both of them are now in Hong Kong. It is shown that all seven holders of IDs are part of the dependent family. According to corporate officials, the passengers arrived in Hong Kong by buying one-way corporate flight tickets from Kathmandu’s travel agency.

“Passengers without visas are not allowed to be issued boarding passes by any airline,” said the source. He had no details, said Gaulochan Sanju, chief of the immigration office at the airport.

Passengers will only be allowed if any passengers have a valid visa, a 72-hour PCR negative test, a 14-day hotel quarantine booking, and a self-declaration of good health was released by the Hong Kong office of the company. Nevertheless, in defiance of the circular laws, the corporation’s airport office knowingly sent Nepalis without visas.

Meanwhile, after five passengers having PCR-negative certificates from the corporation’s flight on December 3 checked positive in Hong Kong, the corporation’s flight was suspended for two weeks. After 22 days, the company will resume the Kathmandu-Hong Kong flight next Monday.

News Source: Kantipur

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