8 Cool Travel Gift Ideas for the Frequent Flier in Your Life

Shopping for gifts might seem like a fun thing to do until it is not, especially if you’re shopping for a gift for a special someone that travels a lot. In this case, knowing what to get them might seem like a tall order to fill.

The options are countless between suitcases, neck pillows, and travel-size skincare kits. Even if the person you’re buying the gift for is your BFF, you might make the wrong choice since the choices are so abundant.

If you’re planning on gifting a frequent flier in your life but don’t know where to turn, we’ve got you. Continue reading our article about five of the best travel gift ideas that’ll knock the socks off the person that gets it.

Travel-sized Skincare Set

For self-indulging, beauty-regimen travelers, gifting a TSA-approved skincare set will be unmatched. Today, many beauty brands offer travel-sized options for their products because many people choose to keep up with their skincare routine while traveling.

If you know the person’s beauty preferences, you won’t have difficulty choosing a nice skincare travel set. But if you don’t, check out some of the most popular beauty brands and browse through their travel-size options.

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Vape Kits

If you’re shopping for a vaping buff, buying a nice vape kit will place you on the top of the list for the best gift giver. Vape kits are becoming quite popular nowadays since more people have switched from smoking to vaping or have taken on vaping to experience a trend.

From disposables to vape mods, you can make your pick depending on the preferences of the person you’re buying the e-cigarette for. Plus, e-cigs come in a palette of flavors, so you’ll find something for anyone.

Packing Cubes

To a frequent flier, a set of packing cubes is a lifesaver. These practical compartments will make packing a breeze while helping organize things neatly and efficiently.

The packing cubes can mean a great deal to a traveler, especially those that won’t stay in a place longer and are frequently on the go. They also come in different colors and sizes, so you can always choose the right one for a friend, whether a man or a woman.

Usually, packing cubes come in clothing bags of different sizes, two cosmetic pouches, a bag for your shoes, and an underwear bag. Plus, there’s a drawstring laundry bag for dirty clothes, so whoever uses the packing cubes can rest assured everything is in its place.

Portable Chargers

A portable charger is probably the one item a frequent flier can’t do without. These cordless chargers can be a lifesaver for busy people that are always on the go or like to travel to places with little access to charging outlets.

Usually, these portable chargers look like stylish luggage tags with an incorporated USB outlet, so you can quickly recharge your smartphone without the hassle of searching for a power outlet.

Personal Safety Alarms

As fun and exciting as traveling is, there are times when the traveler’s safety is compromised. Especially if traveling solo, one might find themselves in a dangerous situation and require help.

The personal safety alarms are designed as stylish pen-like accessories that you can attach to your keychain, belt, or purse. These safety alarms feature a button in the middle that, when pressed, signals a loud siren and a strobe light.

For any globetrotter out there, these personal safety alarms might just be the thing that offers them some peace of mind in different places in the world.

Travel Gift Cards

Even though gifting a travel gift card to a frequent flyer might seem low-effort, be sure a travel buff will appreciate the thought.

Many airlines offer gift cards in different amounts, so if you’re confident your bestie has been eying a flight, she’s short for, gifting them a gift card might just be making their dreams come true.

Plus, you can choose a destination to surprise them with or secretly get the info on their next planned trip and make an educated purchase.

From purchasing a $200 or a $500 travel voucher, you can choose according to your budget and help your friend be on their way to their next adventure.

Hot & Cold Eye Mask

Eye masks never run out of style, especially for those that are on frequent flies to distant locations. A good shut-eye means the world to a frequent flier, and what better way to rest than by using a hot and cold eye mask during flights or when tucked in for bed?

No more puffy eyes for your traveler friend – an eye mask with thermal properties for a gift will have your friend all nice and relaxed for their adventures. Plus, they’ll have you to thank for their refreshed look!

Collapsible Travel Cup

Travel cups that fold and are easy to store away while on the go can be the perfect gift for those who love sightseeing and exploring and want to enjoy a drink.

If your giftee is proactive about being on foot, gifting them a collapsible mug can save them some storage space and have them enjoy their fave beverage without worrying about finding a drinking fountain.

The Verdict

Shopping for someone who enjoys traveling can be a bit of a task since there are so many options.

If your friend is short on cash to book their favorite trip – gift them a travel voucher; if they need help organizing their suitcase – surprise them with a set of packing cubes.

We have made sure to offer you the eight best gift ideas for the frequent flier in your life, and we’re sure you’ll wow them with whichever choice you make from our shortlist.

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