8 new leisure routes have just been announced by United Airlines

With such an emphasis on Latin America and the Caribbean, United Airlines is again widening the recreational service network this winters as the market moves down south to the very few nations that accept American citizens. At the same time, the CEO of The company has confirmed that he does not anticipate business travel to revive until 2024.
Including extended operation from the airline’s bases throughout the US from coast to coast, the latest services strengthen United’s operation in Mexico, Costa Rica, Belize, the Dominican Republic, and Honduras. When more travelers take flight, both areas have led the charge towards welcoming American tourists throughout the coming days.

For instance, Costa Rica has so far been planning to open the borders to every American beginning November 1 through the confirmation of a negative COVID-19 PCR examination, according to the US Embassy in San Jose, despite recently limiting entrance for citizens of high-risk states. Lately, Belize and Honduras started authorizing all US citizens to enter, but they will need negative testing to be submitted for entry.

Mexico has maintained accessible to American citizens traveling via air across the season, and it has not utilized negative tests as an entrance criterion. Neither does the Dominican Republic need a negative test for entry.
For anyone looking to go south for the winter, the new routes allow shorter travels and provide further non-stop destinations. On current services to Latin America and the Caribbean, United is also expanding services.

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