9N-AKW returned Kathmandu after nine days from Mali

The narrow-body A320 aircraft of Nepal Airlines Corporation, which got stuck in Mali in West Africa due to a punctured wheel, returned to Kathmandu on the ninth day. 9N-AKW Sagarmatha returned to Kathmandu on Thursday afternoon.

Nine days ago, this aircraft carrying a peacekeeping force of 75 people departed from Kathmandu via Doha to Mali, West Africa.

A320 “9N-AKW”

After landing at Gao Airport, engineers inspected and found that one of the rear wheels of the landing gear was punctured.

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Aircraft was stranded there because the corporation did not take a spare tire, and it was not easily found nearby. Since wheels are not readily available anywhere around Africa, the corporation sent two spare wheels (main wheel assembly) jacks, tire pressure indicators, and other consumable goods to Mali from Kathmandu on Saturday. ‘It took a week for the goods to arrive,’ an engineer said, ‘The aircraft was repaired on the same day as the wheel arrived there on Wednesday and arrived in Kathmandu yesterday (Thursday). We made further reservations and sent the aircraft to Malaysia.’

This aircraft took off from Kathmandu on October 2nd at 11:00 PM.

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