Nepal Airlines Airbus A320-233 “9N-AKX” Suffers Bird Strike, No serious issue.

Photo: Nepal Airlines Airbus 320-233 “9N-AKX” at NAC Hangar Site.

Nepal Airlines Airbus A320-233 “9N-AKX” Suffers Bird Strike, No serious issue.

07 March, 2017–KATHMANDU

Not a new incident for the aircraft flying in Nepalese sky. Yesterday, Nepal Airlines narrow body Airbus A320-233 aircraft ‘Lumbini’ with registration “9N-AKX” suffered a bird strike. The Airbus A320-233 Lumbini aircraft was en-route to Kathmandu from New Delhi when it suffered the bird strike.

The aircraft was commanded by Senior Captain Shyam Dhewaju. After the inspection of the aircraft by Ground Staffs, the bird hit was discovered at the leading edge of right wing and the slat encountered minor damage, noted NAC Director Engineer. There were no any injuries reported and entire onboard passengers landed safely at TIA.

Photo: Leading Edge slat of Right wing being Hit by Bird.

The wounded aircraft is now in Nepal Airlines Hangar waiting for the detailed inspection by the Engineering team. The grounded aircraft ‘Lumbini’ will undergo maintenance procedure shortly. The slat damaged by the bird strike on its right wing yesterday will soon be replaced with a new slat.

Frequent incident related to bird strike of aircraft in Nepal depicts the carelessness of airport authorities. An expert told when a bird weighing 3 kg slams into an aircraft flying at 150 km per hour, the impact is equivalent to stroking on a 1-sq ft narrow area by a 1,800-kg hammer. This shows that aircraft during take-off and landing are at 90 percent times significantly prone to Bird Hit.


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