A brief look at Boeing’s most popular commercial aircraft products

Throughout its century-long history, Boeing has established itself as one of the biggest aerospace companies in the world. The US aerospace giant stands for proficiency and manufactures signature aircraft products in the aviation industry. While it is undoubtedly, a leader in aircraft production, which commercially-successful aircraft has it produced so far? Take a brief look at Boeing’s most popular commercial jetliner products.

 All commercial aircraft models of Boeing (except Boeing 720) bear the 7×7 designation. Designed to dominate global air transport, Boeing’s commercial airliners are second to none. The sales order for these aircraft is testimony to their success and operational efficiency.

The most popular commercial airliners produced by Boeing Company include:

Boeing 707

Boeing 707, the first jetliner developed and produced by Boeing, inaugurated the jet age in commercial travel. It is Boeing 707, which became the first widespread commercial jetliner and established Boeing’s preeminence in the world’s jetliner market. The sleeky, roomy 707 made a great leap in the jet age and led to exponential air travel growth.

The initial 707-120 model, powered by P&W JT3C-6, could fly at the cruise speed of 896-100km/hour, carrying up to 180 passengers. Similarly, the 707-320C, the ultimate development of 707, could accommodate a maximum of 219 passengers.

Altogether, Boeing built 865 B707 aircraft during its 22year-production run.

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Boeing 727

Carrying on the successful legacy of its predecessor, 707, Boeing 727 entered the revenue service in 1964. It is Boeing’s only trijet developed to meet the demand for shorter flight lengths from smaller airports. As a definitive short and medium hauler, Boeing 707 quickly became one of the greatest-selling jets.

Like B707, the production run of Boeing 727 continued for 22 years. First produced in 1962, Boeing closed the chapter for this iconic trijet in September 1984. A total of 1,832 units were built, a few of which are still in service for freighter and executive use.

Boeing 737 (original, classic, NG, Max)

The twinjet, narrow-body Boeing 737 is the highest-selling commercial aircraft behind Airbus A320. With more than 11,210 units built, it is ubiquitous at airports worldwide. The US aerospace manufacturer has run a glorious B737 production cycle spanning over 55 years, from 1966 till now.

Delta Air Lines N830DN (737-932ER), Photo by: Scot Wattawa

Boeing 737 is one of the world’s most produced aircraft, evolving through four generations-original, classic, next-generation, and MAX. The 737 Original has garnered 1,114 orders altogether, whereas the 737 Classic has gained 1,988 unit orders.

B737 Next Generation (-600/-700/-800/-900) is the most sold 737 aircraft, with over 7000 deliveries. The iconic 737 Max (7,8, 9, 10) quickly catches the lead with nearly 5000 orders. Boeing 737 Max is the successor to Boeing NG and features more efficient CFM LEAP-1B engines and aerodynamic advancements. The worldwide grounding of Boeing 737 Max following two fatal Max crashes caused a cliff-line decline to Boeing’s fortunes.

Boeing 747

Famed as the ‘Queen of the Skies,’ Boeing 747 is the world’s most recognizable aircraft that propelled aviation innovation to an extreme. When Boeing introduced the 747 to revenue operations with Pan Am in 1970, it was the world’s largest passenger aircraft. The glory of flying onboard 1970 was as huge as its size since the 747 was the epitome of luxury and royalty.

Boeing pulled the plug for the 747 in December 2022 when it rolled the final 747 out of its assembly line. The magnificent bird 747 has faded into the sunset with the end of its half-century production run this month. Boeing built 1,574 units within its 747 product lineup under different iterations like 747-100/200/300, AFO, 747-8, 747-F, etc.

Boeing 767

With more than 1200 units built, Boeing 767 is another most-popular commercial jet produced by the US plane maker. B767 is an all-American wide-body aircraft fitted with GE CF6, Rolls-Royce RB211, or P&W JT9D engines. It first entered the service with United Airlines in 1982 and has been in production. The aircraft is designed to serve medium-to-long haul routes carrying 180-375 passengers.

Several variants of B767, including 300F, KC-767, KC-46, E-767, etc., are still in production.

Boeing 777

Dubbed “the world’s largest twinjet,” Boeing 777 is a long-range wide-body jet powered by GE90-11BL engines. It can carry over 300 passengers in a typical 2-class layout to a range of 8,555nmi.

Korean Air Boeing 777 spotted at Kathmandu, Nepal

It is the highest-ordered wide-body airliner, with over 2400 unit order placements by more than 60 customers.

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