A Patient Rescued From Dhading By Manang Air’s Helicopter

A Patient Rescued From Dhading By Manang Air’s Helicopter

Yesterday, Sunmaya Gurung a resident of Satyadevi-9 Dhading, Nepal was rescued from Batchaladevi to Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital of Kathmandu by helicopter of Manang Air with pilot in command Instructor pilot senior Capt. Steven Bruce Bokan.

manang rescue

The patient seems to be suffered from seizure, a physical change in behavior which is abnormal. The rescue was carried out successfully despite of extreme high winds over 35 knots and severe turbulence. The patient is still undergoing treatment.

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In Nepal, Helicopter Rescue is being tough and challenging as due to topographical structure , less number of helicopters and poor weather. Only few hospitals are equipped with rooftop helipad or ground helipad which has been creating problems for more than one helicopters to land at same time in same hospital. As the cost of chartering the helicopter is very high so patient needs to pay huge amount for which most them take loan or sell their property. Consequently, Helicopter rescues in Nepal have been full of challenges and complication.

manang rescue 2Photo Courtesy:Capt. Steven Bruce Bokan

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