ADB inspects Gautam Buddha International Airport project

A team of officials from Asian Development Bank-ADB has inspected the Gautam Buddha International Airport (GBIA) project. ADB was the main aider for the construction of the airport but had stopped providing loan and grant from January this year as the work was not completed in given time-frame.

The team was here to inspect the progress details of the construction of the airport. ADB director to Nepal said the evaluation will be done and decision will be made weather to continue providing aid or not.

The construction was due to complete by the end of 2017 however it couldn’t complete due to Madhes movement, blockade, earthquake etc. and the construction company had requested to extend the deadline.

Till now, more than 35 percent of the construction of the airport has been completed and Contractor Company, China’s contractor, North West Civil Aviation, said that the construction work has said the work was paced up. Project director Om Sharma also said the improvement is done as the work is paced up.

Administrative buildings, control towers, runways, international terminal buildings is currently being constructed. Sharma added that after the change in management of Constructor Company the work has been conducted smoothly and will aim to make debut test flight by the Asar.

The project was started with 6 arba 22 crore 51 lakh and 20 thousand rupee in which ADB has 40.5% loan and 18% grant.

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