ADB optimistic towards supporting Gautam Buddha Int’l Airport project

Asian Development Bank (ADB) after inspecting the construction site of Gautam Buddha International Airport has agreed to continue granting loan and financial support to the ongoing project.

ADB was the main aider for the construction of the airport but had stopped providing loan and grant from January this year as the work was not completed in given time-frame.

Following the discussion with the site’s observation, the ADB team has indicated the agreement to provide loan to the Government of Nepal in the meeting held on Thursday.

Mukhtar Khamudhkhonib, Director of ADB of Nepal stated that the work is carried out according to the agreement between Nepal government and construction project of Bhairahawa Airport.

The team from ADB who inspected the construction site discussed the progress of the work with Contractor Company and the representative of Ministry. He said that the construction work of the airport at the present is satisfactory and is moving with good pace.

Chinese Construction Company Northwest has committed to complete 50 per cent of construction work by the end of Jestha month. The contractor has increased the speed of work by adding efficient manpower with necessary equipment.

ADB said that the Nepal government and civil Aviation Authority will further discuss about the strengthening the construction work of the airport.

Om Sharma, head of the airport construction project, has also said that ADB is positive in providing loan and grant.

The construction was due to complete by the end of 2017 however it couldn’t complete due to Madhes movement, blockade, earthquake etc. and the construction company had requested to extend the deadline.

In 6 billion 22 million 51 lakhs 20 thousand rupees “ADB has 40.5 percent loan and 18 percent of the total investment in the Gautam Buddha Construction Airport site under construction. The remaining four billion rupees is loan assistance. According to the record, two billion rupees have been spent.

The construction work which was supposed to complete in 2017, only 36 percent of the work has been completed till now. According to the agreement with ADB, 14 percent work will be done in mid-June of 2018.

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