ADB proceeds to install solar energy at GBIA

Proposal to operate National Pride Project Gautam Buddha International Airport (GBIA) using alternative source of energy; solar energy was forwarded around a month ago with thorough agreement by Asian Development Bank (ADB), development partner and lending agency for Nepal.

Now, ADB has started an official meeting and discussion to make the airport ‘Green Airport Project’ by operating airport with solar power.  The airport project has started official discussion to produce 10 megawatt of energy from which lights and electricity to various areas of the airport will be provided. ADB project official to Nepal stated that the various meetings have been conducted recently and added that the project will be finalized within month and half.
The discussion between Nepal electricity Authority, Tourism ministry (MoCTCA), Finance ministry, ADB and Civil Aviation Authority (CAAN) has been carried out and has estimated that the cost for installation of solar grids and its operation would cost around 10 million dollars.

The airport will not require 10 MW of energy and will utilize extra energy by supplying it to industrial purpose added project officials. Meeting and discussion with stakeholders have been carried out and another meeting with central is also set to be carried out along with Civil Aviation Authority (CAAN).

The airport aims to be carbon neutral in the first phase and then aim to become carbon negative airport and sell the extra energy while the airport would not have to pay a penny for the electricity.  If the project gets a positive response, it will be started immediately after the airport construction completes.  The project will make GBIA world’s second airport to be fully solar power operated airport after Cochin International Airport in India and ADB is positive to provide loan for the project.

The airport is set to come into operation by the end of 2019 and the government has already stated to operate the airport in Government to Government (G2G) model and has allocated NRs. 3.34 billion for upcoming fiscal year. The construction of 3000 meter long runway of the airport has also completed already and domestic flights operating from different part of the country has started making emergency stop at the newly constructed runway of the airport. India has also agreed to offer the required air routes for GBIA to come in operation.

The airport will be the country’s second international airport and is expected to minimize the traffic congestion of TIA. The runway of the airport is 3,000 meters long and 45 meter wide and is set to have CAT I standard Instrument Landing System (ILS).

The government has been prioritizing on the airport and has been working on its completion in order to aid in ‘Tourism year-2020’ to bring around 2 million tourists in the country.

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