ADB unsatisfied with poor progress of TIA and international airport projects

The progress of Tribhuvan International Airport enhancement project and other international airport projects which are under the loan assistance of Asian Development Bank (ADB) seems feeble.

Nepal Portfolio review program was conducted this Tuesday in which ADB unit chief reported only 50 per cent progress was achieved by the end of September. In this period of time, 49 per cent of total contract agreement has been completed with an investment of 52 per cent only.

The above statistics represent the progress of Tribhuvan International Airport enhancement project, ongoing construction of Gautam Buddha International Airport, Melamchi Water project and other projects under the aid and loan of ADB.

ADB is not satisfied with the progress made till now and has advised the concern authorities to expedite all the projects.

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has selected eligible construction companies for Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) Air Transport Capacity Enhancement Project (ATCEP). At present, the companies for TIA runway extension and international terminal building expansion have been finalized. The total estimated budget for the enhancement project is US$15.3 million.

Asian Development Bank (ADB) provided Loan and Grant to the Government of Nepal for the Air Transport Capacity Enhancement Project which is specially planned to improve the standard of TIA.

However, the construction works of Gautam Buddha International Airport has expedited to some extent after the Chinese contractor company upgraded their management strategy. According to the officials, the project is running quicker after the company replaced the management structure.

The Gautam Buddha International Airport is expected to be completed with the estimated budget of Rs6.22 billion and will be the gateway to Lumbini reachable from throughout the globe directly after the completion.

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