Addition Process Of 10 Aircrafts By Different Airliners Of Nepal

Addition Process Of 10 Aircrafts By Different Airliners Of Nepal
Every year, with the increment in number of passengers traveling by air route, different airliners of Nepal are indulged in expanding their fleets. Within two years, addition of 10 aircrafts will be serving domestic flights and international flights by respective airliners.

It has been reported that NAC has planned to buy 5 more aircrafts whereas private airliners have also planned to buy 5 aircrafts to conduct their flights. By the 2017, 10 aircrafts will join the fleet of those airlines and commence their services.

Currently, NAC has brought three aircrafts Airbus 320, Xian Ma-60, Y-12e, whereas Goma Air and Saurya Airlines have brought two LET 410UVP-E20 and Bombardier CRJ-200 respectively. They had already started their operation.

Nepal Airlines’ 5 aircrafts are one the way

NAc has committed to bring two Airbus 320 in 2015 for international designation .where as one had been delivered and another one is one the way to get delivered in this July 2015.
For domestic route, Nepal Airlines already signed MOU with china and committed to bring 6 new Chinese aircraft. Two aircraft are already in service and rest 4 will get delivered on next year. The Chinese aircraft got a lot of maintenance problem and NAC rejecting the rest aircraft until the manufacture shows some positive response.
The Chinese aircraft Xian Ma-60 has capacity of 56 passengers whereas Chinese Y-12e has 18. Currently NAC has 3 aircraft in international route and 4 aircraft in domestic route.

Hope the aviation of Nepal moves on the path of progress and prosperity with consideration of safety.

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