Adverse effect hits the Lukla operation

Bad weather condition at Lukla has been troubling both local and foreigner to get connected with the only airport of the region. The cloudy weather condition at the airport had troubled many locals from Lukla including others to be back with their family and relatives during the festive season. Similarly, foreigners who landed Nepal to view and scale the top of the world too were left in halt due to bad climatic condition for the fixed-wing aircraft to land at Tenzing-Hilary Airport in Lukla.

Though fixed-wing aircraft were not able to make their way to the airport, rotary wing aircraft were busy onboarding passengers to the region. As been reported by a marketing officer from Simrik Air the leading helicopter operators were busy conducting regular 12 take offs to Lukla with their three helicopters. Each take off for Lukla cost 2400 USD reported the marketing officer from Simrik.

Alike Simrik Air majority of other heli operators too were busy operating flights to Lukla utilizing the low visibility range. Mr. Bachu Ram Shrestha, airport manager at Tenzing- Hilary Airport reported Aviationnepal that airport so far by last evening had operated more over 65 helicopter landings caused by low visibility.

“On 19 September the weather condition at the airport started worsening and fix wing aircraft were cut off to operate flights, however; helicopter operators helped passengers to land at the airport”, Shrestha reported.   The airport operated normal flights on 27 September but the clouds showed off back from next day, which caused chaos at TIA domestic terminal, he added.

However, the sky is clear today fixed wing aircraft are landing at the airport; our ATC officers are busy coping up with the flights normally mentioned Mr. Shrestha.

Both fixed wing operators and passengers are delighted with the sun showing off at Lukla today. Airline operators are happy to earn revenue whereas passengers are flying to Lukla with the cheaper fare in comparison with Helicopter charges. Locals too are desperate to make good business earning with the maximum landing of the foreigners.


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