Adverse weather condition leaves thousands stranded at UAE airports

On Sunday morning, more than 53 inbound flights to Dubai International Airport were diverted due to the prevailing adverse weather phenomena. The presence of dense fog ruined Christmas plans for many visitors as dozens of flights got delayed and even cancelled on Sunday.

Thousands of passenger spend hours at Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah airports while some had to spent the night at international airports as inbound flights to the UAE also got affected by the adverse weather.

As many as 26 flydubai flights and 10 Emirates flights were cancelled in Dubai alone. A total of 53 inbound flights to Dubai International Airport were diverted due to the fog on Sunday morning. Likewise, more than 26 flydubai flights got cancelled on Sunday and the flights were disrupted till Monday.

Qantas passengers who were left stranded on the tarmac in Dubai for more than 10 hours on Christmas day did not get any compensation from the airlines.

fog-dubaiFog seen above Skyscrapers at Dubai

Angry passengers, who took to social media to vent their frustration, said they were not allowed to disembark the aeroplane and were not given food for more than six hours. There were then significant delays to locate their luggage at the chaotic airport.

Operations at Dubai International were in recovery mode after weather conditions improved in the early hours of Monday.

Airlines have warned passengers to check their flights schedules in the coming days as the National Centre for Meteorology has predicted dense fog will smother parts of the UAE till Tuesday.

“There will be dense fog and the visibility is expected to reduce to 50 metres. The fog is expected to prevail till Monday morning and continue till after 11am,” said a forecaster.

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