Adverse weather conditions disrupt flight operation at Bharatpur

Dense fog and chilling cold has been troubling the normal flight operation at Bharatpur airport as entire flights to and from the airport were cancelled on Saturday till late afternoon Sunday following poor visibility.

The temperature in the district has plummeted up to 7 degree Celsius. According to the Bharatpur airport, the temperature was 9 degree at Friday in Chitwan and it decreased further to 7 degree on Saturday morning.

Mr. Pawan Kumar Gautam, Chief of the Bharatpur Airport said that the flights from Kathmandu and Pokhara were disrupted till Sunday afternoon.

The horizontal visibility was from 1,500 metres while the vertical visibility was from 300 metres against the minimum requirement of 2,500 metres and 450 metres on Saturday.

Buddha air, Simrik air and Yeti airlines have been operating scheduled flights from Kathmandu-Bharatpur route.

Buddha air is conducting 6-7 flights to Kathmandu-Bharatpur routes whereas from few months Buddha air had also flown two flights to Pokhara. Simrik Air has one flight to Chitwan-Kathmandu routes and Yeti airlines has 4 flights to Bharatpur airport.

Nearly 500 passengers take air services from Bharatpur Airport in a day.

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