After loosing two planes, The Malaysian airlines financially in shaky state.

Malaysian Airlines technically bankrupt, saying the company plans to cut around 6000 staff’ the chief executive officer of Malaysia airlines official declared. last year the company had huge loss as it has to bear the cost of two aircraft.

Among 20 thousand, the airlines has decided to keep only 14 thousand employees. In the press conference The airlines chief executive muller said,’ we technically bankrupt. and the major reason was the crash of two planes which literally hit the big loos in our income. In march last year, Malaysian Airlines flight MH 370 239 Passengers and the crew members were missing and yet in the unknown state.

Four months later, Airlines Flight MH 17 was attacked by missile in the land of the ukrainian by unidentified ground where 298 passengers along crews were dead. these two accidents litreally drived back with big loss and its hard to pull ahead. said by chieft executive kristopha muller

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