Agreement made between local from Humla and airline companies regarding regular flights

Private airlines which have been operating flights to Surkhet and Nepalgunj have maintained the air ticket after the dispute was raised saying the air fares were not managed.

The meeting held under the chairmanship of the head of the District Coordination Committee, Dan Bahadur Rawat, has made a 7-points written agreement with the representatives of private airlines and the local.

Dholak Raj Dhakal, Chief district officer stated that the meetings between private airlines officials, the district’s representatives and officials of districts officers, the private airlines agreed to operate scheduled flights in seasons and off season for Humla and to maintain the ticket price.

Tara and Summit Air agreed to operate 2 flights weekly in both season and off season times from Nepalgunj allocating NRs. 6000 per passengers on Sunday. Sita Air will operate 2/2 flights weekly from Surkhet whereas other airlines operate 1/1 flights charging NRs. 5500. Likewise, the ticket for charter flight from Nepalgunj is NRs. 10,500 and from Surkhet is NRs. 10,000.

Manoj Bharti, representative of Tara Airlines, said that the agreement has been made to charge convenience price while returning from Simikot.

Similarly, the cargo flight fare from Nepalgunj is NRs. 115 per kg and NRs. 105 per kg from Surkhet has been maintained. Everyday 1/1 cargo flight will be operated and essential medicines, edible and construction business goods will be given first priority the agreement said.

The ticket delivery system has been handed over to the Humla Services Society and booking 4 tickets responsibilities will be given private airline.

Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) has to operate 1 flight daily to Nepalgunj.

Among 77 districts, Humla district where there is no roadway infrastructure has request national flag carrier and private airlines to operate regular flights.

The meeting held on Sunday decided to ban the private airlines from the next season if the airlines go against the agreement.


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