Air Arabia Abu Dhabi first flight to land Kathmandu from Abu Dhabi

Air Arabia Abu Dhabi is expected to begin new flights from Abu Dhabi, UAE, to Kathmandu, Nepal. Air Arabia Abu Dhabi confirmed that a direct flight from Abu Dhabi to Kathmandu would begin on October 17, 2020. Airlines reported that on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, there would be four flights a week on the Airbus A320.

The four weekly operations deliver better accessibility and value-for-money alternatives to make flying between both the two nations simpler and much more comfortable for consumers.

Having joined the Air Arabia Abu Dhabi network, Kathmandu is the eighth route since its operation date. Air Arabia Abu Dhabi introduced its operation as a low-cost airline from Abu Dhabi International Airport on July 14, 2020.

During the latest COVID-19 epidemic, Airlines asserted the highest level of protection by introducing free COVID-19 insurance coverage. Free insurance is incorporated into fares, and no extra paperwork from travelers is needed. The insurance is available for 31 days since the day of travel on the schedule. Passengers who have tested positive for COVID-19 over time will benefit from health benefits covering treatment and quarantine expenditures.

The entire fleet of Air Arabia is equipped with HEPA cabin filtration systems that continue to include passengers with a healthy and clean atmosphere. Customers are often required to meet the terms and specifications of the arrival and departure nations.

Following an agreement between Etihad Airways Airways and Air Arabia, Air Arabia Abu Dhabi became established to build the first UAE low-cost carrier supporting Air Arabia’s business strategy and accentuates Etihad Airways operations, thus contributing to the country’s rising low-cost travel particular market.

First flight 3L 045 for Kathmandu

Air Arabia Abu Dhabi’s first flight (Flight Number 3L 045) to Kathmandu is expected to land at 15:05 (local time of Nepal) and depart from Kathmandu at around 15:45 local time with flight number 3L 046.

Current routes and Fleet size

Low-cost airlines Air Arabia Abu Dhabi currently flying to Kabul, Dhaka, Alexandria, Cairo, Sohang, Khartoum, Chattogram, and Kathmandu with two Airbus A320.

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