Air Belgium Airbus A330-900 to upgrade its existing fleet

Air Belgium upgrades its aircraft with the addition of two new Airbus A330-900 aircraft. Air Belgium signs a contract of intent with Airbus to acquire two new A330-900 aircraft. These planes will replace the current two Air Belgium A340s. As of 15 October 2021, the first A330neo would operate weekly flights from Brussels Airport to Mauritius.

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Air Belgium Airbus A330-900


Air Berlin initially purchased two aircraft but was never delivered due to the airline’s bankruptcy. They were subsequently offered to RwandAir (and repainted in its livery), who likewise declined to accept them following the coronavirus outbreak.  Air Lease Corporation will lease them to Air Belgium.

On 15 October 2021, the first NEO with registration OO-ABF would begin service mostly on major destinations connecting Brussels Airport and Mauritius. By the end of November, the second jet would be in operation, bolstering the seasonal travel schedule for 2021/2022.

Air Belgium mainly operates flights to Caribbean locations from its base at Brussels South Charleroi Airport and has also used flights to Hong Kong. The carrier halted Caribbean operations throughout the response to the COVID outbreak; however, it plans to restore service in July. Furthermore, Air Belgium is scheduled to begin operations from Brussels Airport later this year, perhaps in October.

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