Air connectivity between Nepal and China increased

By the end of last year, China has connected direct flights with 40 countries involved in Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) including Nepal.

 Air China, China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines and Sichuan Airlines all significantly increased their air connectivity capacities to Nepal in the second half of 2017. Tibet Airlines also launched direct flights between Chengdu and Nepal, as well as Xi’an and Nepal in response to the increasing tourists from China.

According to the statistics, the capacity for expanding the new direct flight route with Nepal, Laos and Cambodia has been the fastest. Last year, the capacity of direct flight to Chinese mainland and these countries was: 115.8 percent with Nepal, 74 percent with Laos and 65.6 percent with Cambodia.

Last year, the traffic capacity had increased by 33 million units, which is an increase in 21.1 percent per annum in the current statistics.

Previously, the launch of 255 direct flights to the China and overseas airports along with 200 new direct flights between other countries and territories in China Mainland was initiated. Among the flights, 162 were Chinese conducted between Chinese Mainland and South Eastern Asian countries and 31 were for Chinese mainland and Eastern Europe.

According to the research by VariFlight Big Data Research Institute, Thailand, Vietnam and Russia have become the largest destination for Chinese aircraft.

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