Air Drake: Drake’s $185 million private Boeing 767 jet

It’s not uncommon for A-list celebrities and multi-millionaires to acquire their private jets. They are familiar with the grandeur of private jet travel, which suits their lavish lifestyle. Usually, private jets tend to be smaller than commercial planes due to fewer people on board. But that’s not the case with Canadian rapper Drake’s private jet. Drake owns a personal jumbo plane Boeing 767, which is unbelievably large for a privately owned jet. The size of his personalized aircraft is as enormous as its price value which stands at $185 million. Take a closer look at Drake’s multi-million private Boeing 767 jet.

Drake private jet model: the iconic wide-body Boeing 767

The Canadian rapper and songwriter Drake owns a wide-body Boeing 767 jet as his private transportation. Dubbed ‘Air Drake,’ this pricey private jet features highly fancy designs to the rapper’s liking. Air Drake is a luxuriously remodeled B767 private plane comfortably seating 30 people (registered to seat a maximum of 45 people). Had it been for commercial flights, this behemoth jet would have seated over 200 passengers. But Drake has thoroughly remodeled the aircraft to his tastes with luxurious amenities onboard.

Powered by two General Electric CF6 engines, Drake private jet touts impressive range, altitude, and speed capabilities. The mammoth Boeing 767-200 has an industry-leading nautical mile range of 3900 and a cruise speed of 850-900km/hr.

The exterior of Drake’s private jet

Drake’s private jet is painted a signature Drake baby blue outside with the OVO Owl (the logo of Drake’s clothing line) on the front door. Emblazoned with the name ‘Air Drake,’ the luxury jet features clasped prayer hands on the tailfin.

The lavish interior of Drake’s private jet

The tailored luxury of Drake’s private Boeing 767-200 jet promises an elevated personal jet experience in every sense. The speedy private plane brags wealth with plush seating, gold finishes, and luxury bathrooms.

The extortionate features include smooth gold and wood-surfaced cabins, comfy-looking leather armchairs, plush velvet sofas, a full kitchen, etc. There’s eye-catching gold detailing on the aircraft’s wall, and the floor is fully carpeted in light purple. Similarly, one bulkhead has a wide-screen TV and a full-mirror wall.

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The leather armchairs and velvet couches redefine cabin comfort for passengers onboard the jet. The cabin also features tables and lamps to give him an extension of his workspace in the air.

 The personal jumbo jet hosts three fully-enclosed private suites to ensure maximum privacy and uninhibited freedom. Moreover, the beloved Canadian rapper has transformed some private jet spaces into entertainment/theatre rooms.

Air Drake flights

The luxury Air Drake is ideal for the Canadian rap star’s long-distance trips. The private jet’s need aligns with Drake’s busy schedule as he hops from one place to other for concert tours. The multi-million Boeing 767 private jet fits Drake’s tour needs and delivers the most glamorous flying experience to suit his high-profile lifestyle.

Ideal for long-haul travel, Air Drake has caught several media attention for performing a series of short-hop flights. Earlier in July 2022, the bulky private jet made it into the spotlight for undertaking three less-than-20 min flights over the past six weeks. The Canadian music star faced a torrent of criticism on social media over using his private jet on brief journeys.

Over six weeks, Air Drake made three flights on the Toronto-Hamilton route, each lasting seven minutes, 12 minutes, and 14 minutes. Amid grieving concerns over the climate crisis, the short jaunts made by Drake’s private jet reportedly emitted around fifteen tons of CO2. The multi-millionaire received backlash from climate activists for his private travel predilections. Drake responded to the criticism by saying it was an empty flight for storage purposes, only to receive further call-outs for pointless pollution from the flight.

Drake’s private Boeing 767 jet details

Drake’s private jet is a converted 26-year-old Boeing 767-200ER built in 1996. Bearing the registration N767CJ, the aircraft has logged in + 11000 flight hours across +3000 flight cycles. Before its luxurious refurbishment, it was a cargo plane with a whopping 206-ton capacity.

The aircraft was VIP-configured right from the beginning and first served the Saudi Arabian operator Mid East Jet. Then, it went to the US-based aviation company Elan Express. The company still holds the operator status, while the registered owner of this jet is Cargojet. Cargojet is a Canadian scheduled cargo airline company operating freight services and full aircraft charters.

How does the $185-million converted Boeing plane belong to Drake when Cargojet is still the registered owner?

Cargojet gifted the massive airframe to Drake as a part of the collaboration. Both parties share a lengthy relationship, as confirmed by a Cargojet spokesperson, established by ferrying supplies and equipment for Drake’s tours in the past.

The Ontario-based Cargojet gave Boeing 767 for free to the rapper in the form of an organic partnership. In 2019, Drake posted a video of his private jet in a hangar, proudly showing off its lavish renovation.

 The gifted private Boeing 767 jet will take care of Drake’s packed tour schedule and a jet-setting lifestyle. But what does the Canadian cargo company get in return? With millions of followers on Drake’s social media, it’s free publicity for Cargojet. In return for assisting Drake with his logistical needs and requirements, the free airplane will pay for itself in publicity. As a part of the deal, Drake puts photographs of the sumptuously appointed aircraft while on tour on his social media.

Cargojet fleet

The Ontario-based cargo carrier operates a fleet of 38 aircraft to deliver exceptional and best-on-time performance to customers. Currently, it operates 10 Boeing 757-200PCF, 6 Boeing 767-200ER/BDSF, and 16 Boeing 767-300ER/BDSF. The carrier also placed an order for eight more freighters, including 2 B757-200PCF, 1 Boeing 767-300ER/BDSF, 4 Boeing 777-200ERs, and 4 Boeing 777/200ER/BDSFs. The 20-year-old airline offers domestic and international scheduled cargo services at 38 destinations.

 Rising environmental concerns over private jet travel

In recent years, many celebrities have been called-out over the environmental toll of their short-journey private flights. The high-price, ultra-short hops onboard private aircraft impact the environment larger than commercial aircraft on a per-passenger basis. Even a single brief jaunt on luxury aircraft emits the same amount of carbon emission as the total annual carbon footprint of an average person.

Despite using private jets for convenience, it’s equally crucial to consider the environmental impact. The climate-heating pollution from short-haul, non-essential private flying is greater than from commercial planes because they carry so few people.

 The climatic impact of Drake’s 14-minute private trip was the most carbon-intensive, with four tons of CO2 emissions. The wide-body Air Drake which typically accommodates over 200 people for commercial flights, can only seat 30-45 people in the recent refurbishment. The modernized luxury Boeing 767 carries few people and consumes more fuel. So the frivolous flight made by the Boeing 767 private jet contributes significantly to the climate crisis.

It’s not only Drake’s private jet use that got a strong negative public reaction. The beauty mogul Kylie Jenner also faced criticism over her 17-minute flight on a private aircraft from Van Nuys to Camarillo. It would be a 40-minute journey in a car with far less greenhouse gas emissions than private flying.

The other Boeing 767 jet belonging to the US billionaire John H. Ruiz

The wealthy elites prefer making their flying experience as luxurious as possible by using private jets. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, deep-pocket travelers have shifted to private flying. This year, the billionaire Miami attorney John H. Ruiz completely refurbished his Boeing 767 private jet. His entirely-renovated Boeing 767 is one of the world’s largest private jets, with six distinct living spaces and four lavatories. The 159-foot-long 767 that can typically seat hundreds of people on commercial flights now comfortably seats 33 passengers and sleep 17.

Six living areas are split into a master en suite bedroom, a dining room, an entertainment area, a conference room, and lounges. The formal dining area can seat seven people, while the conference room has space for eight. The entertainment center is world-class, fitted with an 80-inch TV and an audiophile-caliber sound DJ station.

The two multipurpose lounges are convertible into staterooms to let guests take a quick nap. The opulent jet also has lavatories (double sinks) and a full-size shower.

The plane was remodeled to Ruiz’s taste by VIP Completions which took a whopping six months and around $10 million. The jet is Ruiz’s office building in the sky, and a means for him to remain productive while traveling. It is equipped with all the technology and conveniences needed to host meetings in the cloud. The conference room, in-flight Wi-Fi, etc., allows the billionaire and his employees to make their business trips as productive as possible.

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