Air dynasty operating service from three bases around the country

Air Dynasty, private Heli charter Company now has expanded its wings and has started its operation from three bases around the country; Kathmandu, Lukla and Pokhara.

Mr. Balkrishna Pandit, Spokesperson for Air Dynasty informed that their two AS 350 B3e machine will be based at Lukla, one AS350 FXII will be operated from Kathmandu and one ASS350 FXII will be based on Pokhara for commercial flight operation.

The company has extended its wing to promote the internal tourism, and to provide the emergency rescue with its 5 helicopters which is highest among all the heli-operators of the country. Air Dynasty’s fleet constitutes two AS350B3e, two AS350 FXII and one AS350 BA.

As being one of the most geographical handicapped nations along with the poor road transport facilities that impose people to airlift even their daily supplies to make hand to mouth, which has been providing the abundant relief with the helicopter operators.

It’s so traumatizing if you walk through the dark side where individual surrender his/her life just because one cannot afford to a charter helicopter during medical emergencies. The growing helicopter companies also bring a positive hope to impose decrement in the prevalent high chartered fare so that the needy people can afford it. Additionally, it shows that the helicopters’ have been a boon to our country.

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