Air Dynasty preparing to welcome new AS 350 B3e Helicopter soon

The helicopter company Air Dynasty Heli service Pvt Ltd. apparently seems working in the final stage on the procurement of one new AS 350 B3e series rotor aircraft, a single-engine light helicopter manufactured by the by Airbus Helicopter.

Mr. Bal Krishna Pandit, Spokesperson for Air Dynasty notified Aviation Nepal that an AS 350 B3e is planned to be introduced by the first week of September this year and will operate within Nepal for commercial flight purpose. Currently, the aircraft is in Singapore and is planned to arrive Nepal as a ferry flight from Singapore to Kathmandu Airport. The rotor aircraft is the new version AS 350 B3e manufactured by Airbus Helicopter.

Air Dynasty has already accomplished its documentation process from Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) and has gained the registration ‘9N-AMI’ for its aircraft. The approximate cost for the aircraft is around Twenty-seven Lakh dollar Nepalese rupees (2.7 Million).

The AS 350 B3e is powered by a Turbomeca Arriel 2B turboshaft engine and is well known for its capacity to fly at the high altitude about (23,000 feet AMSL) all over the world. The chopper has also proved its capability in Nepal especially in mountain regions. It has the capacity of 6 seaters excluding pilot and performs flawlessly in Aerial Sightseeing, Mountain Flights, Rescue Evacuation, Corporate Charter, Sling Operations, High altitude operations and other special adventure missions.

Nepal indeed needs abundant helicopter companies as being one of the most geographical handicapped and on addition, poor road transport facilities that impose people to airlift even their daily supplies to make hand to mouth. It’s so traumatizing if you walk through the dark side where individual surrender his/her life just because one cannot afford to a charter helicopter during medical emergencies. The growing helicopter companies also bring a positive hope to impose decrement in the prevalent high chartered fare so that the needy people can afford it.

There is no doubt that helicopter companies have been a boon to our country and can be also seen that there has been a trend of adding fleet in the helicopter operators in Nepal for which Fishtail Air, also added one AS350 B3+ helicopter in its fleet recently. Currently, eight heli-charter companies Altitude Air, Simrik Air, Fishtail Air, Altitude Air, Manang Air, Mountain Helicopters, Shree Airlines, Prabhu Helicopters’ are in operation including Air Dynasty.

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