Resumption Of Air France Flight On Paris-Tehran Route After 8 Years

Resumption Of Air France Flight On Paris-Tehran Route After 8 Years

French Flag Carrier, Air France, finally resumed its Paris-Tehran flight on Sunday after ages.

Several years ago, Air Hostesses and female pilots of Air France had objected to Iran’s rule, rule of wearing headscarf (Veil) whenever they deboard the aircraft in Iran.

It has been reported that, the flag carrier of France has resumed its flight to Iran after 8 years of headscarf fight. Female personnel have been granted permission to deny to work on Tehran route according to their desire but the female staff those who fly on Tehran route must have to follow local Islamic rule of wearing a veil.

One of the frequent European traveler asserted that its an astonishing moment to see all the Iranian women covering their head as soon as the plane descends for landing in Iran.

We can see most of the Iranian women cover their heads as little as possible to challenge the Islamic law but foreign female travelers cover their head and body curves fully due to fear of punishment.

Despite the ban of Alcohol in Iran, Air France is all set to operate full catering service including alcohol in its thrice-weekly flight to Iran.

Till now, Austrian Airlines, Alitalia Airlines and Lufthansa are European airlines that are conducting flights to Iran. Soon, British Airways will also conduct flight to Iran after Air France.

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