Air France Flights- Overall Experience

Being the most preferred French airline, there’s no denying the fact that Air France has bagged the most positive reviews from its customers. But do you know why? Because of its consistent improvements and upgradation of its policies keeping in mind the passengers’ best interests. But before you proceed with booking your tickets, you must take a look at the onboarding experiences, services, and overall performance of Air France flights. This blog will discuss the advantages of booking flights with them, the services and benefits for each cabin class, and the customer rating.

How Safe is Air France

Air France A350 , Photo Aeronews

Covid or no Covid, Air France has always ensured that passengers receive the most hygienic environment when traveling. Even when the pandemic arrived and things were a little too much, the airline still managed to provide thoroughly sanitized, cleaned, and secure cabin areas and pre-boarding lounges. If you have any queries regarding the seating arrangement or ticket-related issues, check out this Air France customer support number guide.

Advantages of Booking Air France Flights

As mentioned, Air France is the most booked airline in France and has many complementary advantages. Whether it’s the seat arrangement, lounging experience, or duty-free shopping, passengers can enjoy flying with Air France Airlines. Check them out below:

  • The airline provides accommodating conveniences for those traveling with children, wherein an assigned person will take you to and from your home. If you suffer from a medical emergency or move around in a wheelchair, then you can rent the services of Air France’s partner, Airshells, from point A to point B.
  • The airline also offers assistance to senior citizens. For all such customers, if traveling alone, Air France can transport the passengers, along with the baggage, to and from your home.
  • When booking Air France flights, the passengers have the option to pre-book their favorite seat, and that too at a minimal cost of EUR 20. This way, you can enjoy your meals, watch your favorite movie/series, and take a sound nap; all while seated in the place you want.
  • Last but not least is the premium lounging facility. Several airports partnered with this airline provide dedicated lounges for Air France passengers. Here customers can relax and unwind from the flying bustles. Interestingly, Charles de Gaulle Airport of Paris offers “spa services” for intrigued passengers.

Note: Check out the Air France cancellation and refund policy if you have to cancel your tickets.

What to Expect with Economy Class

Although it’s the most basic cabin class, it doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy its amenities. Air France Airlines offers all nominal facilities such as baggage and even lets you enjoy dining and entertainment options. Passengers will have to share their space with others and may have to compromise with the storage space. But don’t worry, there’s enough legroom to relax your legs and maybe take a good nap if required. As for dining, complimentary non-alcoholic beverages and eatables (sandwiches, muffins, etc.) are served on short-haul flights. Lastly, some good news for Economy class, the airline is set to bring new aircraft, which will cover more space for all cabin classes.

What to Expect with Premium Economy Class

As the name suggests, Premium Economy is slightly better than Economy class. This section of Air France aircraft comes with ‘fixed-shell seats,’ ensuring more comfort. Although these seats can’t match the comfort offered by US-based carriers, the airline tries very hard to ensure the utmost contentment for all Premium Economy passengers. The amenities of Premium Economy class are similar to Economy but also close to Business class. Passengers under this category enjoy speedy check-in, boarding, and baggage delivery benefits. Passengers are provided with an “essentials kit,” and an enhanced dining experience with added meal options is also offered.

What to Expect with Business Class

Booking Air France tickets in Business class will offer several exciting benefits and the most comforting journey. Everything you experience in this cabin class will let you witness France’s sheer culture and extension. From French-inspired menu options to elegant lounges, flying Business class in Air France ensures passengers an unforgettable experience. Such customers enjoy premium amenities such as pre-boarding lounging space, priority boarding and seat selection, enhanced storage space, added baggage facility, and much more.

Brief of Air France Aircraft


The fleet size of Air France flights is 205 aircraft. The aircraft are both narrow and wide, consisting of Airbus and Boeing family planes. The short-haul destinations are covered by Airbus A320 variants, while long-haul flights are operated with Airbus A330, Airbus A350, Boeing 777, and Boeing 787. There are many other aircraft in order which will replace their older aircraft. New aircraft will be more spacious and will allow more passengers onboard.

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The seating arrangement of Air France aircraft is divided into three cabin classes. You can choose from Economy, Premium Economy, and Business Class per your budget and requirements. Business and Premium Economy class cabins are designed to offer more space and multiple storage areas compared to Economy class. But don’t get disappointed if you’re traveling Economy. Air France cares for everyone, and hence, provides more legroom, duo seats, and front section seats in the Economy cabin.

Air France Overall Performance

Check out how Air France Airlines performs when it comes to the departure of flights. Below you will also find out how customers rate the airline.

Airline’s On-time performance

Percentage On-Time: 77%

Average Delay Time: 14 minutes

Flight StatusPercentage
Very Late5%

Average Customer Rating

Fortunately, frequent travelers give the airline an average rating of 7.5 out of 10. Studies have shown that over the last 12 months, the customer rating has been trending upwards. The summary of Air France flights is as follows:

Long Haul Flights

Cabin ClassRating
Business ClassFour stars
Premium Economy3.5 stars
Economy ClassThree stars

Short Haul Flights

Cabin ClassRating
Business Class4.5 stars
Economy Class2.5 stars

Bottom Line

We can conclude that flying with Air France is completely safe, and be assured that your journey will be worthwhile. You will also get several complementary advantages when booking Air France flights. Whether economy or business class, every passenger is provided a happy and secure journey with this airline. Additionally, the overall rating of this French airline is more than enough to showcase its impeccable performance.

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