Air India cockpit controller Anny Divya youngest female commander of a Boeing 777

Pilot Commander Anny Divya becomes the youngest controller of Boeing 777 aircraft. Divya was ambitious about the aviation career from her young age and had joined the flight school at 17 years age. With no any link in the aviation field, it was way very difficult for her to find suggestion and support regarding the study.  None of the family members or relatives had ever been in aviation profession before but Divya still risked her future to accomplish her pilot career.

It would have been easier for an individual to be a pilot but a lady commanding Boeing 777 wide body aircraft is a very difficult job which may state some stereotypical individuals. Divya has proved them wrong by becoming the youngest ever pilot on earth to lead the aircraft. At present Divya holds a very high position in the aviation industry of India.

Belonged to a small village it had always been very difficult for to adjust herself being surrounded with other students belonging to the modernized world. She mentioned that the life style along with language was very obstructive for her in the being, however, she managed to adjust her and lead the pilot dream.

The job is uncertain in the aviation industry though she gave her best to overcome the challenges which as result she leads the aircraft to various new destinations for Air India. Divya has been flying Air India’s aircraft since past ten years and at present majority of the new destination has to be led by her. She has almost covered the entire Air India approaching airports.

She began her piloting career from 19 years age flying for Air India and now is ambitious to take on the responsibility of flight instruction and a teaching job as well. Though she holds the command of Boeing 777 only but has plans to fly other aircraft as well. Being only 30 years of age, the day is not that far when she will achieve her future goals with this dedication and hard work.

She adds that she feels fortunate to join the aviation industry and succeeded to be a role model for women to join the aviation industry motivating them with her success story. Divya had completed her pilot training in Spain and had joined Air India since then.


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