Air India evacuates 165 Indian nationals from Kathmandu today

National Flag Carrier and state-owned airlines of India, Air India has evacuated Indian nationals stranded at Kathmandu after the lockdown today. The carrier had one of its Airbus A320 with flight number ‘AI 213’ land at Kathmandu today at 11:00 AM today.

The Government of India is now aggressive in redirecting its citizens stranded in different parts of the globe to head them back to their country India. The mission has been named ‘Vande Bharat’ and the national carrier Air India is conducting all the flights for the mission.

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Did You Know that the Largest Air Evacuation in the History Done?

One of its ‘Vande Bharat’ aircraft landed Kathmandu and departed with 165 nationals back to their country today. The aircraft departed Kathmandu at 12:45 PM today. The aircraft with flight number ‘AI214’ while returning landed New Delhi in India.

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