Air India makes Emergency landing after hydraulic failure

Mumbai-bound Air India flight made an emergency landing at Mumbai Airport due to failure in aircraft’s hydraulic system. The flight en route from Goa with over 90 passengers on board made the emergency landing on the evening yesterday.

The flight AI 662 landed at 8:15 pm on Runway 27 of the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport and the emergency situation was withdrawn at 8:29 pm. The Airbus A319 aircraft made a safe landing and all passengers were disembarked without any harm, an Air India spokesperson said.

Full emergency was declared for the flight after the pilot reported failure in the hydraulic system of the A319 aircraft. A Mumbai Fire Brigade official said, “as per standard operating procedure, fire tenders and ambulances were also kept on standby before the flight landed at Mumbai Airport,” The report further said quoting the official, “We were called for safety, however, the flight had safe landing and all passengers were evacuated safely.”

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