Air India workers are forced to resign without pay for up to five years

In a move intended to minimize the number of workers, Air India proposes that for a period of up to five years a non-performing staff member be sent on leave without pay. Air India is already facing an economic crisis.

“This scheme Leave Without Pay (LWP) has been implemented at the discretion of the management for the grant of unpaid leave & allowances for permanent-employees, for a period of six months (extendable up to 5 years) or for a period of two years (extendable up to 5 years),” Air India reported in a staff notice dated 14 July.

Employees are being evaluated by a committee in the following areas: adequacy, productivity, integrity, level of service, employee health, an instance of the employee’s unavailability for duty due to ill health or otherwise, and turnover throughout the past.

Air India VT-EXE at Kathmandu, Nepal

Due to flight restrictions in India and other countries in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the aviation industry is being hit badly. Many of India’s carriers have introduced cost-cutting steps such as wage cuts and laying off staff.

Air India does have more than 11,000 permanent staff on its payroll, which includes employees from its subsidiaries.

The new LWP strategy isn’t astonishing, the same was done by other Indian airlines like SpiceJet and IndiGo. The overall duration of the leave has, however, taken on a lot of amazement, with probably thousands at the risk of years out of work. Throughout the upcoming days, we’ll find a little more about how many, and which, as Air India makes significant cuts, employees will be affected.

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