Air passengers’ number decline after Narayangadh-Mugling road comes into full swing

The decrease in the flow of air passengers using the air ways from Bharatpur has been observed after Narayangadh-Mugling roadway is now operating at its fullest. Majority of the travelers these days are opting for roadways resulting significant drop in air passengers’ number.

The number of passengers in the Bharatpur airport is observed minimal as the airport used to be busy previously. Airlines have also reduced the frequency of flights. Buddha Air conducting 12 flights in a day has now decreased to five. Yeti Airlines who have been flying for a five flights a day, now only has two flights.

According to chief of Bharatpur airport, Pawan Kumar Gautam, about 40 per cent of the passengers number has decreased. He informed that Bharatpur airport conducts 8 flights per day now where the airport used to conduct 14-16 flights per day a month ago.

The business entrepreneurs and government employees have also preferred the roadway transportation with their private vehicle. Most passengers have started using roadways due to lack of tickets availability on time, delay in flights and expensive tickets.

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