Air service expected to be regular in Dang

Tarigaon airport at Dang started its operation from 2013 B.S. but has resumed flight operation for fifth time from 7th January on Sunday after frequently being out of operation.

Earlier, the flight operation was closed after the Tulsipur Industry Commerce Association, not being able to run the air service due to failure to come into negotiation with Summit Air. Currently, sub-metropolitan has compromised the flight operation with another company on similar contract.

Aircraft operators have been operating its flight taking expensive fair due to the problem of refueling depot in the airport. However, the government has surveyed the airport four times but still unable to implement regional ATF (Air Turbine Fuel) depot.

However, after the request of the sub-municipality, the operator has started its service after taking the responsibility of ticket booking.

Considering the problems of the travelers in Tulsipur, after several initiatives, coordinating with the Tulsipur Industry Commerce Association, Summit Air started its operation.  But after the company said that it would be operational only on the contract, the Industry Commerce Association wrapped hands and turned into an empty field.

After the completion of local level elections, Tulsipur sub-municipality has taken responsibility for air service operations. The sub-municipality is confident that the flight will be regularly operated for two days in a week.

According to the Municipal Pradhan Pandey, “the airlines company has agreed to manage ticketing to travel from Dang to Kathmandu.”

The sub-municipality has signed a contract with the Summit Air. He also suggested that all the local people would use the aircraft’s necessity and utility as opportunity for the service to be sure that it would be daily.

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