Air Seychelles to commence charter flights to Bristol

Air Seychelles is to commence its new charter flights to the Bristol airport. The airline is going to collaborate with Air Charter Services to start the service from the south-western United Kingdom direct to Dubai from 2022.

The airline is set to make a unique appearance in the Bristol airport next year, coinciding with Easter and May bank holidays. The flights will give the passengers two options: either fly directly to Dubai or continue to Mahe in Seychelles, the two popular holiday destinations known for shopping and summer vibes.

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The Three-Class Configuration Travel

The Air Seychelles plans to use the new Airbus A320neo for its service in the Seychelles-Bristol route. The A320neo variant has been regarded as one of the most advanced and fuel-efficient single-aisle air vessels globally after it started service with Lufthansa in January 2016. The aircraft has a three-class configuration premium club cabin, innovative economy space with a blocked middle seat, and the regular standard economy class. 

The travel service director of Air Charter, Caroline Wood, mentioned how the company targeted the holiday season of the following year to promote the travel packages among the British travelers who will be looking for a getaway and experience something different. The post-pandemic period is expected to bring a lot of British passengers to the holiday destinations at Seychelles through the direct arrangement of the Air Seychelles to the Bristol route.

Further, Chief Commercial Officer at Air Seychelles, Charles Johnson, stated how the Air Charter Service helped them during the pandemic and allowed them Air Seychelles to continue their flights. Johnson added that the airlines would be configuring their aircraft to provide additional comfort to the passengers and how excited their crew is to welcome the passengers on board for the adventure in the Middle East and exotic islands of Seychelles.

The Air Seychelles- Bristol trips will be the first-ever flights for the British airport to the Middle East and the Indian Ocean regions. The Westcountry’s airport has been a popular hub for the holiday destination it has been offering to people from Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, and Dorset regions without the need for any other major hub or London airport. Both the Bristolian and Westcountry region residents are pretty hyped about the new joint venture that is offering travel packages to the Middle East and Indian Ocean destinations from their local airport. 

This partnership is expected to offer many exciting travel destinations to its passengers and will begin by April and May 2022.

Easing On The Travels Bans

As the Covid-19 vaccination has commenced globally, with several variants of effective vaccines. The travel restrictions have been slowly started to be lifted or bent depending on the rules and regulations set by the health authorities. The countries like Iceland, Romania, Poland,  Cyprus, Belize, Croatia, Georgia, and a few more, including Seychelles, have loosened their Covid defending regulations after the virus has been restrained at a safe level. However, these nations’ rules and regulations may differ for legitimate access in their countries. Some of these nations that have opened up for travel are implementing shorter quarantines, easy access if vaccinated from government-approved institutes- two weeks before arrival, or detailed information on vaccination, including issuer and batch number of the vaccine.

Likely, there aren’t many regulations for the travel enthusiasts who are planning to visit Seychelles, the island nation with some of the best scuba diving destinations and mesmerizing beaches, which has officially re-opened its border for all tourists since March 2021. The travelers can enter the country quarantine-free if they have been vaccinated with a complete dose of Covid-19 vaccines, although they are required to submit the PCR negative test for Covid-19 taken 72 hours before the arrival. 

However, the government has updated some regulations like a nationwide curfew from 11 p.m; to 4 a.m, short operating hours with crowd limits for shops, bars, casinos, and other service-providing businesses. In addition to those policies, the island nation has also decided not to permit entry for the visitors who had a physical presence in the countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Brazil, which have been most affected by the outbreak of the virus, if their arrival period from those regions hasn’t been more than two weeks. The added rules and regulations will be applicable until further notice from the authorities.

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