Airbus A-320 “SAGARMATHA” returns to operation

Nepal Airlines 9N-AKW
Nepal Airlines A320 “Sagarmatha”

Airbus A-320 “SAGARMATHA” returns to operation

March 17, 2017-Kathmandu

Nepal Airlines A320-233‘9N-AKW’ (Sagarmatha) registered aircraft which was grounded two days earlier has started its flight operation from today. The aircraft was grounded after leakage of fuel from its booster pump during the maintenance of the aircraft.

The aircraft was on the flight manual inspection when the entire housing of the fuel booster pump came out. The incident had caused a leakage of 5 tons of aircraft jet fuel. As reported, the damaged shield of the booster pump housing had caused the incident.

An inspection team of CAAN had visited the incident site and had requested the flag carrier to present the report of the incident within ten days.

Here, three men committee board has been formed by the flag carrier to have the detailed case study of the incident. The committee is led by the engineering director of Nepal Airlines Mr. Poshak Gyawali and is supported by the representative of line maintenance and quality check engineering each. The committee has been allocated with ten days period of time to come up with the case study of the incident.

The grounded aircraft went through the maintenance works and was released for the operation yesterday around 10 a.m. Maintenance work was commenced soon after the arrival of the new booster shield.

 The aircraft was released for the operation yesterday but there was no any flight scheduled made by the airlines on the day.

As been reported, the Sagarmatha aircraft already has returned back from Delhi and is currently in Mumbai.

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