Airbus A330 museum; an aviation world in itself     

‘Bed Upreti trust’ has found an exciting way to satisfy people’s cravings for aircrafts-“Aircraft Museum”. The man behind this museum is Mr. Bed Upreti – a former member of Nepalese Army, an instructor pilot, an aviation writer, an aerial photographer in overall an aviation enthusiast.

After the successful commencement of the 1st ever aviation museum in Nepal i.e. Dhangadi Aircraft Museum, Mr. Upreti is up for the inauguration of another grand aircraft museum. The gigantic sized aircraft museum constructed with a retired Airbus A330 of Turkish Airlines is situated in the heart of Kathmandu- Sinamangal. The museum is built in a land area of approximately 8,000 sqm. The trust has made an agreement for 10 years duration with Second International Airport designated office at Sinamangal

This time Mr.Upreti has come up with an even bigger aircraft- the Airbus A330, the Turkish Aircraft that crash-landed on the runway of TIA on March 4th, 2015. The museum is currently in its final phase of construction.

 Airbus A330-300 is a wide body 444 seated aircraft.Interior of the aircraft holds 2 sections- passenger and cargo section. The passenger section has been occupied by photo gallery and collection of miniature aircraft models. The museum also consists of various icons representing technological breakthroughs in aviation which include- The Wright Flyer: the first sustained flight with a powered, controlled aircraft.

So going through the museum tour, one can learn many important events and advancements in aviation. The aircraft cargo section is intended to provide a hall for the Crew Resource Management Training useful for training pilots and air hostess working in the domestic aviation industry.

Primary attractions of this museum are Behemoth Airbus A330, in which the museum is actually built in. Rare aerial photography is another point of attraction it includes scenes of Everest, Annapurna Circuit and other attractive national places. Miniature Aircraft models, some of the models include- SR-71, Airbus A320, ATR- 42 etc. Other than that the museum also provides an opportunity for the visitors hear the recorded conversation between pilot and ATC.

The aviation museum intended to open in the 1st week of November is not just a museum but a source of inspiration. The requirement of the aircraft engineers, pilots and airhostess has exceeded drastically within past couple of years. Many Airline companies hire foreign manpower to meet the demand. Perhaps, this museum can inspire many people- mainly students- to pursue a career in this field.

Furthermore, this has taken a shape of an institute, where people get inspired, educated about aviation knowledge besides training sessions for newly appointed pilots, engineers, and air hostess are also included.

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