Airbus and Boeing on the race for the biggest order takers

Photo: Iran Air Airbus A300
Photo: Iran Air Airbus A300

Airbus and Boeing on the race for the biggest order takers

January 16, 2017

Airbus and Boeing, the biggest aircraft makers have always been on neck to neck to hold the position of the top order takers on an annual basis for the past two decades in the aggressively competitive $120 billion annual jet market.

On Wednesday, Airbus reserved the top spot when it said it had logged a total of 731 net orders for 2016, whipping Boeing’s score of 668 for the year released a week ago. Standing out as the infrequent winner between the two Western manufacturing titans is Iran, evolving from decades of approvals to abide billions of dollars of new orders. Because of delicate mandate somewhere else, its retaliation carries strange heft.

While Airbus comprised all but two of the 100 aircraft it traded to Iran last year, its American arch-rival did not contain the 80 aircraft it vended to the country. It is undecided why Airbus officially informed Iranian instructions while Boeing did not, and what measures were used by each establishment in making their verdicts.

Airbus is more forward in the sales procedure; Iran seized transport of its first Airbus jet on Wednesday, while Boeing’s planes will be distributed from 2018.

A source near to Boeing said there was particular bewilderment at the US manufacturer as to why Airbus was competent to reserve all of their Iranian orders. Airbus sources, who denied to be named, said the company’s year-end numbers had been severely assessed. Forecasters say choices on whether to properly report such orders in yearly counts would be determined by moderately on the position of the US export licenses necessary for both companies due to their substantial dependence on US parts.

Although Boeing lost the front-page order battle, forecasters say it may eventually subsidy from lagging Airbus in the Iranian sales procedure if it can use its rival’s attendance in the country to make the circumstance for its own contract to go through.

Experts said such brims show how comparatively reedy orders have become after a period of frequently extensive progression, concurring with rising pointers that the aerospace cycle is flagging.


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